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GIVEAWAY: Strawesome Reusable Glass Straws! -CLOSED-


Strawesome (first of all, coolest name ever!) sells reusable drinking straws made of glass!!  The straws are made from the same glass that is used to make Pyrex.
Borosilicate glass is non-toxic, beautiful, and made in the USA.  You can also wash them in the dishwasher!  Which is always a huge plus with me.

I received a straw to review and I absolutely love it!  It cleans really easy.  They sell brushes, but if you rinse it with warm soapy water when your done using it, a brush isn't necessary.  It comes clean and you can see that it's clean.  The straw feels super sturdy and I'm not scared at all that it's going to brake on me.  Also, I prefer to drink juices with a straw for the sake of my teeth, so I really love having a straw around always.  And I don't know why but I drink WAY more water when I'm using a straw, so I've been very well hydrated lately. :)

Not only are they better for the environment and not leaching toxins into your liquids, they are also beautiful!!  You can get the reusable straws in sizes 6" - 10" skinny, regular, bent, or smoothie.  These would make great gifts!

Strawesome offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage, and if you don't love it you'll get a full refund.   They start at about $5.50.  Price depends on size.  To learn more about the product you can follow these links:
Why Reusable Straws
About Strawesome Company

Strawesome is giving away an Artist's Choice Glass Straw to one Tight Wad Reader!

Here's how to win:

1. Leave a comment below stating your favorite straw from the website.


Additional Entries:  **These will be recorded on the form so you don't need to leave any comments on this post.**
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Classic Extra Long Bent Smoothie Straw
definitely the smoothie straw. that looks like my favorite.
My favorite is the just for kids set - too cute!
Maria B. said…
My favorite one is Classic Extra Long Bent Smoothie Straw.
Ashley said…
I like the Subtly Teal Bent Regular Straw!
twocuff said…
I like the fade to pink extra long bent skinny straw.
Jolene said…
I like the ice blue skinny straw
alcee said…
My favorite straw is the Brilliant Blue Smoothie Straw it is so pretty.
I love the Turbo Amethyst Extra Long Smoothie
Tara Oliver said…
I love these straws!! I really want the funky family set someday. :)
Autumn said…
I can't decide which is my favorite! I like so many of them.
Kat said…
I like the Turbo Amethyst Extra Long Smoothie
Hifam said…
I like the Just for Kids Set of 4.
Anonymous said…
I'm a traditionalist. I prefer the plain 8 (or 10) inch bendy straw.

Vidisha said…
Smoothie Set of 4
Sarah said…
Turbo Amethyst Extra Long Smoothie
carole said…
like the amber smoothie straw
Brandi Elam said…
I like the brilliant blue smoothie straw!
brandielam3 at gmail dot com
SisWins said…
I like the Meteor Extra Long Regular Straw - interesting conversation pieces!
A.C. Cabrera said…
I am in love with the Brilliant Blue Smoothie Straw!

chamboriluv at gmail dot com
Marva Jean said…
Probably the 8" bent straw.
bison61 said…
Just for Kids Duo

tiramisu392 (at)
Kristie said…
I like the Meteor Extra Long Regular Straw. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.
lewalk said…
I like the Golden Swirl Bubble Tea Straw and the Dynamic Duo and the family set. Lol. I like all of them, can you tell?

kpintn said…
I like the Pink Sapphire Smoothie Straw!

Claudia said…
my favorite straw is the Classic Extra Long Bent Smoothie Straw
nclaudia 25 at yahoo dot com
Lina said…
I like the Amethyst Smoothie Straw
jennifer said…
I like the pearl swirl extra long bent straw.
jenniferwlsn33 at gmail dot com
Domestic Diva said…
I like the classic extra long bent smoothie straw.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com
Lisa Beth said…
My favorite is the Just for Kids.
Kathryn said…
I love the just for kids set.
cw said…
My favorite is the pink bent straw
Anonymous said…
I like the choose your color smoothie set of 4
Angie said…
I like the pink sapphire smoothie straw.
angiewith3 at live dot com
Katie Rose said…
I like the Amethyst smoothie straw

kathrynrose12 at hotmail dot com
Erica said…
I like the Retro Family Set
Ricki said…
I like the Retro Family Set.
Diana said…
The smoothie straw is great
Christie said…
The bent skinny straw
Nic said…
Just for kids duo is my favorite

nikkendri at gmail dot com
Mandy said…
I like the bubble tea straw
Julie said… I
like this one
April said…
My favorite is the Magnificent Red Extra Long Skinny
WendyWoo said…
I love the just for kids set. My 2 year old won't drink anything without a straw!
Ember said…
Magnificent Red Extra Long Skinny
I like the pink sapphire smoothie straws. The color is beautiful and would look lovely in my kitchen as a whole set!
Terri said…
I like the Rhapsody Bent Straw
Ziggywag at yahoo dot com
Susanmeep said…
I love the Classic Extra Long Bent Smoothie Straw

suelee1998 @
Aisling said…
My favorite is the Birthstone (Smoothie) Straw: February. mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net
milo johnston said…
the retro family set looks cute
miloannjohnston (at yahoo dot com)
LaurAnn said…
I really like the cocktail straws (pack of 6)
krenzer24 at yahoo dot com
DB said…
Big Daddy Bent Smoothie
daivase at yahoo dot com
slb3334 said…
I like the retro family set.
maryjaco1 said…
I like the Brilliant Blue Smoothie Straw.
Nan said…
Big Daddy Bend
SETexasMama said…
I love the Amethyst Birthstone Straw! Thanks for the giveaway!!
SETexasMama said…
I would love to have the French or Spanish. I speak enough of both to get by, but would love to learn more, as well as teach my children more! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!
Jenna Hesselink said…
i love the dynamic duo straws
Lim said…
The Big Daddy Bent straw.
Debbie C said…
My favorite is the Magnificent Red Extra Long Skinny Straw.
Piper said…
I really just like the plain bent glass straw. It shows the beauty of the glass.

nettysgirl AT
Tiff and Royce said…
I like the Birthstone Straw February! Very pretty!!
Casey said…
I like the double orange bubble tea straw. Thanks!
Jes said…
Big Daddy Bent Smoothie

jswaks at gmail
/\Heather/\ said…
Love the Orbital Regular Straw.
heatherpooh (hotmail)
Beckeesdeals said…
I like hte orbital regular straw!
beckeesdeals at gmail dot com
I like the just for kids set.

Thank you for the entry,
Vickie said…
I think the February Birthstone one,since my birthday is in February!
Gianna said…
Brilliant Blue Smoothie Straw.
Atreau said…
My favorite is the Fade to Pink Extra Long Bent Skinny Straw.
Anonymous said…
I like the classic extra long bent smoothie straw.

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