Tight Wad in Utah: GIVEAWAY: Kiddie Catch-All! -CLOSED-

Monday, February 28, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Kiddie Catch-All! -CLOSED-

The Perfect Accessory For Your Car, Truck or Minivan

We upgraded my daughter's car seat awhile back because she's getting bigger and the only thing I didn't like about it is that there's no where to put sippy cups, books...etc.  And in my experience, an occupied child in the car = unfurrowed brows. :)  

I've been trying out the Kiddie Catch-All and my daughter is having a great time with it!  Luckily it fits on her seat just fine and fits all her essentials. :)  Go here to see a list of car seats it will not fit.  The Kiddie Catch-all is also BPA Free and assembled/manufactured in the USA.  It's really easy to put on, which is good because I have to move it to buckle her in, but it's easy enough that she can put it on no big deal.  The liner can also be easily removed and put in the washing machine!

My daughter really enjoys using it.  Now she has a place for her cellphone and  OH and a ball. :)  The items change day to day, but the constant is that I don't have all kinds of stuff scattered in my car.  I get enough heat from my husband about the amount of crumbs accumulating.  A couple more weeks and I could sculpt a whole new  

Right now for a limited time you can get TWO Kiddie Catch-All's and a Bonus CD for $12.95 + shipping!  There is also a 30 day money back guarantee less the shipping.

Kiddie Catch-All is giving one away!

Here's how to enter:

1. Visit Kiddie Catch All's website and leave a comment on this post stating what you thought of their short video.

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Anonymous said...

I could really use something like this for the van. We call our blog the rolling toy box!


Anonymous said...

The video was really well done. I just wonder if they will also clip to booster seats?
Very cool idea~!

Kelli B

kebarkema at msn dot com

Autumn said...

Nice little infomercial!

Tara Oliver said...

ha! I think the mom at the beginning looks like me. :) the video makes the product look awesome - I think I need one!

thanks for the giveaway!
tara.the.equestrian at gmail dot com

DB said...

I saw myself in that video - trying to reach for stuff that kids dropped in the car. It would be perfect for me with two little guys in tow!
daivase at yahoo dot com

The Masek Family said...

I like when the kid throws the toy and they say no worries there is another toy nearby

Marva Jean said...

I think it is nice that it is so convenient for the child to get a toy, but I don't think it solves all of the problems of dropped toys and not being able to get the one toy they want out of the pocket.

Love Katydid said...

I liked the video, it shows how easy it is to attach!
lovekatydid at gmail dot com

milo johnston said...

i like how much safer it is while driving to have this product for my kids. i would love 2 of these for my girls(3yr and 18 month).
miloannjohnston at yahoo dot com

The Poulters said...

It was TV infomercial cheesy, but I'm sold.

Amanda said...

Love that it is made in America and the messy minivan wasn't as messy as mine!
jandrmom2009 at gmail dot com

Penny said...

I loved the video. Love the product and the clean vehicle!

Karenr said...

This looks like what is needed for little granddaughter. It is difficult not to mention dangerous to try to hand her things she wants when we are driving. Looks like a great product!

karenr said...

Video was clear and to the point.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! this is the neatest invention I have seen in awhile

MC - Salt Lake City, UT said...

Oh my - that is ME in that video! LOL - I need one of these

Just Another Hat said...

Hahaha. This video was so right on. I am totally like the mom reaching behind and feeling for toys.
justanotherhat at gmail dot com

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Who put a hidden camera in my car?!?!

Chandra (Fanatic about Saving) said...

I like that you can pop it out and out it in the washer!

maryjaco1 said...

This a great idea for the back seat.

Anonymous said...

the situation seems very familiar