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GIVEAWAY: $25 Visa Gift Card from Thrifty Seeker! -CLOSED-


Thrifty Seeker is a newly launched website that will soon start offering daily deals (like Groupon).  When  you sign up on their email list you'll get their FIRST DEAL FREE!!  I don't know when or what that will be, but FREE!

Also if Thrifty Seeker reaches 500 Facebook Fans by Feb 7th they will give someone an iPod!  They are halfway there now.  Check their Facebook page for other great giveaways going on now.

AND Thrifty Seeker is giving one Tight Wad reader a $25 Visa Gift Card!!

Here's how to enter:

1. Like Thrifty Seeker on Facebook (mandatory)
2. Join Thrifty Seeker Email List (mandatory)  Scroll down to bottom of page to enter email address.


Additional Entries:  **These will be recorded on the form so you don't need to leave any comments on this post.**
Like Tight Wad in Utah on Google Friend Connect (right sidebar)
Like Tight Wad in Utah on Facebook
Follow Tight Wad in Utah on Twitter
Add Either Tight Wad Button to your Blog or Website (right sidebar)
Subscribe to RSS Feed or Emails (right sidebar)
Tweet/Facebook/Email about Giveaway

Giveaway will end Monday February 7th at 10 p.m. MST.  Winner will be chosen by  I was given no compensation.  All opinions are my own.  
All information gathered for the giveaway will be discarded when over.  
Your privacy is important.  


Jen said…
Awesome!! Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for telling us about a new site! I'm excited for Thrify Seeker!
amy schultz said…
Excited to read about all of the great deals you're sending our way!
stacey dempsey said…
i cant get to your facebook page no matter what i try and i filled out your form but i find it a bit confusing, i have different gfc name from twitter and facebook , put all 3 there and there is no place to show a tweet etc
Hi Roswell!

Ya I suppose my form is a bit trusting. I verify info on the winner. If I can't find it I'll ask them. I'll try to be more clear in my next form. Thanks for letting me know!!!

As for the Facebook page... I have no idea why you wouldn't be able to get to it. Thank you for trying!! I'll give you an extra entry. :) So sorry!!
shane said…
Good luck everyone. &I can't wait for the thriftseeker site to be up and running. I <3 deal sites! :)
Unknown said…
fb like/email sub
Awesome contest! Thanks! Janna Johnson
Amanda said…
Filled out the form!

Thanks so much for the chance to win!
wcc said…
Filled out the form -- don't see a place to link to my tweet, so here it is: Thanks so much for the chance! :)
whitechocolatecherries at
Kimberly said…
Like ThriftySeeker on FB and signed up for their emails -- can't wait to see what they have to offer!
kcoud33 at gmail dot com
latishajean said…
Great giveaway thank you so much!
Tweeted to!/latishajean/status/34789154537603073
shared on fb:

aigcanada7 at hotmail dot com

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