Tight Wad in Utah: Disney on Ice Tickets Giveaway Ends TONIGHT

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disney on Ice Tickets Giveaway Ends TONIGHT

My second Disney on Ice giveaway for 4 tickets ends TONIGHT at 10 p.m.  If you get a friend to like Tight Wad on Facebook you could get up to 10 entries!
There's still time!  GOOD LUCK!
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Jen said...

I've been putting my comments (my name) on your original post. However, most of my comments (name) are on your original post on FB. I just want to be sure you're getting those and I'm doing it right :)

Audrey @ Tight Wad in Utah said...

Hi Jen! This giveaway ended last night. But I will have a new one up today for 4 more tickets.

You were doing it right. I did take the comments from the blog post, facebook, and the form. :) Today's giveaway will be easier. :):)

Jen said...

Sweet! I guess I should stop adding comments to FB's old post then? LOL! I thought it was the same giveaway, but you were just giving 4 more tickets for that same one :) I misunderstood. I'll be on the lookout for the new contest today! Thanks so much!