Tight Wad in Utah: Safely Clean Your Microwave with Vinegar!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Safely Clean Your Microwave with Vinegar!

HA!  My husband was just complaining this morning about the amount of food stuck to our microwave.  In my defense my microwave is up high so I rarely notice it starting to get bad.  Put a lid on the food to prevent the mess in the first place???  Great idea, but I still don't do it.  Am I lazy?  most likely. :)

ANYWAY...  Amanda from A Few Short Cuts just posted about using vinegar to clean your microwave quick.  It worked great!  And my kitchen smells like salad. :)
Check out her post to see how it's done.  I like the idea of using vinegar instead of chemicals around food.  Thanks Amanda!!

I also use vinegar in my dishwasher as a rinse agent.  Great money saver!
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Veronica said...

I aslo just put a water to boil in the microwave and then any gunk that might be there just towels off.

but I do love vinegar for cleaning.

Krista and Jeff said...

if you put a bowl of water like the above post said...add some extract-lemon, almond, peppermint, etc...your house smells terrific and it works like a charm...more water and longer boiling time the worse your microwave is ;)

Claudia said...

Ohh, Thank you , I was thinking today about cleaning the Microwave, I am glad you share this post! :)

Audrey @ Tight Wad in Utah said...

So V and Krista you just boil water, no vinegar?? I LOVE the extract idea!!

Krista and Jeff said...

just water in a bowl with about a teaspoon of extract-I use a couple cups of water so that it doesn't boil out before the time is up...I usually do about 10-15 minutes...if there is still stuck on stuff...add more water and do it a little just wipes clean :) no vinegar at all.