Tight Wad in Utah: Review: Yochi Yochi Shoes

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Yochi Yochi Shoes

Review by Aimee

When I received my "Prince Kairu" shoes from Yochi Yochi, I was really excited to try them on my son. They are the cute little frog shoes pictured. When my little guy took one look at them he got a huge smile and began kicking his little one year old legs like crazy! (I love those happy feet)! So, I must say they were the easiest shoes I have ever put on a little child. The large velcro strap opened easily and the flap inside opened large enough to get a little foot inside without struggle; this is important when it's hard to get shoes on my boy anyway! lol! ;)

My daughter and I laughed as my son tried to grab the little frog on the top of the shoes off. We continued to laugh and have fun as we watched his unsteady legs walk (he's been walking for about two weeks), along with the adorable sound of the squeak the shoes made with each step. My daughter thinks these Yochi Yochi shoes are the coolest. She couldn't get enough of him walking in them. She had to help him keep walking, just so she could keep hearing the squeaks. It's like a toy and shoe in one! Ha! Shoes are difficult to keep on my son. This was by far the longest he's ever kept a pair of shoes on.

Overall, I think the Yochi Yochi shoes would be worth the $14.95 purchase. They are sturdy, well made shoes that are easy to get on and off wiggly little kid feet. I think the added fun with the squeak and cute design helps kids want to wear their shoes more; worked for my boy at least. :)


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