Tight Wad in Utah: Ratuki Game Review

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ratuki Game Review

I received the Hasbro game Ratuki (ra-too-kee) to review.  It's awesome!  And not just because I won my husband in 3 straight games. :):)  Well that helps, but it really is fun and easy to learn.  It's also fast with not too many rules to get me confused.

The best thing about Ratuki is that there are NO turns!!!  You just go.  I love that.
I also love chess, but I can't play with people that think too long about their move. I'd rather learn patience from my crockpot. :)  At least then you get a nice warm

The game is for 8+ for 2-5 players.  Although you could easily adjust the rules for young-ins to play.
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Anonymous said...

Love this game too! Could easily be a turn taking game for young ones (4-6) to help them learn symbol recognition and sequencing (up & down)! Create a family tournament, and have the prize be "favors" like cleaning the kitchen, making dinner, etc...

Audrey @ Tight Wad in Utah said...

The different symbols are great! And I love the tournament idea!!!