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Hallmark $10 off $10 Purchase Coupon!!

This is awesome!!  I remember last year I got a $5 no minimum purchase coupon.  I got snowmen salt & pepper shakers for my Grandma!  FREE!  Now with this coupon its $10 off with a minimum purchase of $10!  You will have to pay  This is also a great way to get FREE wrapping paper. :)  You can also opt for a 25% off coupon. Find a location here .  The coupon states participating stores only, so call first if your worried. Thanks My Frugal Adventures! .

Tight Wad Tips! FREE at WinCo!! LINK UP

The other day, I received a mailer from WinCo comparing their prices to Walmart, Harmons, Smiths and Macey's.  I kept it to compare against my notes, and to see how those prices were affected by my coupons.  I didn't realize until this morning that the back of the mailer was full of coupons for FREE breakfast foods! FREE WinCo Items: Malt-O-Meal Cereal: Saved $2.48 Bars S Bacon: Saved $1.98 Cascade Pride English Muffins: $.68 Minute Maid OJ: $2.48 Oakdell Eggs: $.87 =FREE and more FREE!  Wahoo!! Total Savings: $8.49 If you're close to a WinCo, I hope you saved this mailer! It's worth the trip!!   --you can only use the coupons at the store listed on them.  And you can use them all in one trip! Veronica Did you have a great shopping trip? Have a frugal recipe? Know a great sale or deal?? ANYTHING OF A TIGHTWAD NATURE...

FREE $25 Amazon Gift Card when you Invite 15 Friends!

I guess this is when having friends on Facebook and Twitter pays off. :) If 15 people sign up with It's Thoughtful before December 15th, you'll get a $25 Amazon Gift Card by mail!  You can invite people by email, Facebook, or Twitter. (easy sign up...just email and name, then you will get a confirmation email) Once you get your link, feel free to leave it in the comments! After 400 people get 15 sign ups they will start having drawings for 4 winners to win $25 Amazon gift cards.  So if you want it I would do it sooner rather than later. You can still invite friends to Shop it to Me and get a $10 Gift Card to Amazon, Gap...etc when you invite 10 friends to join (no need to buy).  You'll get the gift card of your choice in 7-14 days by mail. Thanks Bucktown Bargains! .

Tucanos $50 worth for only $25

For the next couple of days, zaZing is having a deal of a deal!  Have you ever eaten at Tucanos ?  It's a sublime experience.  It will be even more sublime if you go there and spend only $25 instead of $50! They have two locations:  Provo and Salt Lake City.  You will have to determine the location of your preference prior to purchasing the certificate.  zaZing is another daily deal site. Though you have to make this purchase in the next couple of days, the use of this gift certificate doesn't expire until February 12, 2011. This is a new site I came upon today via Tucanos directly- no credit for signing up and no affiliate links associated with the promotion.  Nonetheless a good deal.  Can't wait for date night! Happy eating! Veronica

24 Hour Fitness 2 year Membership for $12.46/month from Costco!

I've been paying $28 a month like a sucker!! :)  Right now you can get a 2 year membership at Costco for $299!  I called my gym and asked if I could cancel and do this deal and they said YES!  I just need to bring in the certificate that I buy from Costco and they will make the magic happen.  I'm so excited about this! Just thought I would share in case someone was in the same boat as me.  Or if your thinking about joining this is a GREAT price for an awesome gym! --plus the $28 I was paying was only for ONE gym!  This deal is for an ALL CLUB membership!  This deal is so great!! Go here to buy online with FREE shipping and to see reviews.   There are also some restrictions so make sure you look at it all before you buy...although Costco has THE BEST return policy. :):)  Another reason to love 'em. On the Costco website the offer says "not valid for current members".  My gym said they would take it...I guess it's that or I cancel :) .

$25 for $50 Nordstrom Rack Gift Certificate!

Groupon has a $50 gift certificate to Nordstrom Rack for $25!!  It's the side deal so look at the right sidebar.  The certificate is valid in-store at any location. Wahoo!!  There's a limited quantity available!  --site is running slow, a lot of people want a deal :) Groupon's Facebook page says the deal will be available all weekend, so no worries if you can't get in now. .

Cellfire Instant Savings Coupons!

I won $1!   Log into your account or sign up before tomorrow (11/19) at noon to see if you won.  You could win $1, $5 or $10!  Let me know if you do!! --Only need to log in once to see, logging in multiple times won't change anything. dangit.. Cellfire is a great source for online coupons.  Nice to have some you don't have to clip. :)  The coupons are loaded onto you Kroger affiliated rewards card. .

FREE $10 GC to Amazon, Old Navy...etc. from Shop It To Me!

Shop It To Me is offering a $10 Gift Card to a store of your choice (Old Navy, Amazon, iTunes..etc) for inviting 10 friends to join!  They don't even have to buy anything. :)  After you sign up you will get a email confirmation (takes about 10 minutes) then you can go and invite  people through email, Facebook, or Twitter.  You will then get to choose the $10 Gift Card you will get if at least 10 people sign up. Shop It To Me is a private shopping site.  When you sign up you can choose brands you like and your sizes.  You also choose how often you want to be emailed...if at all.  If you do you'll get an email full of your favorite brands in your size...coool. Once you get a referral link feel free to put it in the comments for others to partake of.  :) Thanks Hip 2 Save!

Star of India $20 Gift Certificate as low as $4 in SLC!!

Another great deal from Deals That Matter !!  I LOVE LOVE Star of India, we were just there the other day actually using a Today you can get a $20 Gift Certificate for $9!   (lowest I've seen)  If your new you'll get $5 sign up credit making it $4!!  That's a nice date night in my book.  Also, Star of India is very kid friendly.  They even have the high chairs that have their own tray so you don't have to worry about your kid grabbing your utensils and chucking them across the room. :) fyi..this is for dine-in only, see the details here. .

Target Trip - Spent $2.16!

I had fun at Target today, even though one kid was running around darting into people, while other refused to sit in the seat!  Doesn't matter how tight you tighten those straps...they find a way. I started at $11ish and ended at $2.16!  Yeah for coupons!!  --by the way I totally airbrushed this picture so you couldn't see the food on my walls..LOL Stove Top $0.79 Buy 2 use the .50/2 Target coupon AND use $1/2 coupon here  or here (click Coupon Tab on upper right) = 4 cents each!!! Go here for a complete Target list for this week.   The other deals I did used coupons that are no longer available.  I posted about them though so hopefully you have them. $1/1 Reach Floss $1/1 Any Produce item $1/1 Any Bakery item FREE Cottonelle Flushable wipes .

$5/1 Enfamil Coupon! has a $5/1 Enfamil coupon!  I don't see these much.  Print two! Thanks Savvy Sister Shops! Go here to see the best coupons and deals on diapers this week. .

Jasmere: $5 off ANY order!

Jasmere is daily deal site that has a lot of organic and eco-friendly deals!  With coupon code SF05287D40 you can get $5 off any order.  Also the more people that buy a certain deal, the lower the price goes.  Regardless of when you buy the current deal , you will be charged the lowest price. The coupon code can only be used once and expires on December 1, 2010. Today's deal is $17 for a $35 Gift Certificate to Tickle Bellies.   $12 after code! The certificate CAN be used towards shipping. Thanks The Thrifty Mama! .

$10 Stefano's Gelato Gift Certificate As Low As FREE in Riverton!

$10 worth of Gelato and Fudge for FREE if you still have your $5 credit from Deals that Matter!  Or if you haven't signed up yet.  I wish I lived close to Riverton, I'm ready for fudge.  I love all these $5 deals!! If you can't take advantage of this deal, sign up to get your $5 credit!  They have $5 deals often. .

Zulily Events this Week

Until the 19th  at 7 am, there is a sale on some FUN floor puzzles (perfect for ages 3-5).  Some of the puzzles being featured for the sale price of $8.99 (regular price $20.00) are: 1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2. Happy Birthday to You 3. Oh the Places You'll Go 4. The Cat In The Hat 5. Green Eggs and Ham ...and MORE! Western Chief , is having a sale on raincoats and rain boots. I love little kiddos in their rain gear.  They are so cute. My friend's little boy actually takes his naps with his red rain boots on - always. Here are some pictures of the items on sale until the 19th at 7 a.m. Sale price $30 (regular price $40) Sale price $30 (regular price $40) Dino Umbrella on Sale for $6.99 On Sale for $17.99 (regular price $30.00) Good luck! Hopefully you can find that something special for your someone special.  Veronica

EVERSAVE $3 Off Code!

Eversave has a new promo code TTTUES .  Use it to get $3 off your order! If your new you'll also get $2 off when you sign up. They have some great deals going on right now.  My favorite is $24 worth of Kids Activity Kits for $12!  Or $7 with credit and code.  The certificate CAN be used towards shipping!! Thanks For the Mommas! .

How to Price Match!

I got these bananas for 18 cents a pound by price matching! Ever since Audrey started this love affair with coupons I've tried to join the fun.  I struggle doing so, though, probably because I don't get the newspaper.  I have heard, and I believe it's true, that until you do it's hard to really have fun with coupon using.  What I have been able to embrace, though, is price matching.  I love price matching!  Since I buy a lot of produce this is the most effective way to save money at the store without having to go to a bunch of different stores.  I used to be intimidated, but after encouragement and coaching from my sister (who is always raving about it) I gave it a try and now I do it all the time.  Here is a quick run down of how I do it: 1)       When the sale ads come in the mail, I sit down and circle everything that looks good.  2)       If I’m good and responsible, I check my Costco price list to make sure it really is a better deal.  3)       I look through

Tanger Outlet $50 Gift Card for $25! Today only!

Tanger Outlets is offering $50 Gift Cards for $25!   Make sure to Like them on Facebook first. .

Rite Aid $5 off $25 Purchase Coupon!

Print 2 Rite Aid $5 off $25 purchase coupons!  They don't expire until the end of the year.  Also check out Savvy Sister Shops deal scenarios ....she has some great ones!  $47 worth of stuff for $1.73 after +UP rewards!! .

Modnique: $5 Sign Up Credit - $10 off $10 Purchase Code!

They have bowls like these for $16 + $7.95 shipping use the $10 off code STAR plus your $5 sign up credit = $8.95! They have lots more.   Just remember that the $10 off code expires November 30th. Also if you still have your Rue La La $20 credit, today they have a store called The Chocolate Box :)  Wish I still had my credit! .

The Couponizer Giveaway ends TONIGHT

The giveaway for The Couponizer ends tonight at 10 p.m. MST! .