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Look what I got for $1.13 at Whole Foods!!

Everything was FREE except the baby food!  Had to pay for something :)  I did get a little attitude from the cashier, but whatever....she's just jealous. :):)  Whole Foods is normally very pleasant about coupons.  I can't wait until the big one opens at Trolley! The Stoneyfield yogurt was free from the Stoneyfield Rewards Program .  You earn points by buying products to get free products.  They have tons of coupons on their site too! I think you can still get a coupon for free Chavrie Goat Cheese here if you join the Chavrie Club.  The coupon came in the mail pretty quick. Tomato Sauce is .99.  I used 4 $1/1 Muir Glen products from here .  You can also get Tomato Paste for .19 each.  I hear you can get them free at Walmart with this coupon, but I can never find them.

JULY All You Magazine: FREE Razors and $1 off Haagen Dazs!

I got July's All You Magazine today!  These are my 2 favorite coupons in it: Schick Disposable Razor 12 ct. $1.97 at Walmart use $2/1 ANY Schick Disposable Razor in July All You Mag page 121 = FREE $1/1 off ANY Haagen Dazs item 14 oz. or larger on page 81

Mega Swag Bucks Day PLUS 50 Swagbucks on your Birthday!

Okay so I have 3 things: First , it's Mega Swag Bucks Day , which means there is potential to earn more today. Second , it's also Summer of Swag so every 7th search gets 59 Swagbucks  today (so far I've only received 16 26) Third , if you sign up today and use code SUMMEROFSWAG you'll get 50 Swagbucks! OH wait!  I guess I have 4 things.. Fourth , if you enter your birthday in your Account Details you'll get 50 Swagbucks on your birthday. :) I've been searching with the Swag Toolbar since December and I've earned about $75 in Amazon gift cards.  I get 10-30 a day just from normal web searching, plus if you refer someone you get what they get up to 1000 Swagbucks.   You can get other prizes besides Amazon Gift Cards, but I think it's the best value for your hard earned web searching. :)

FREE Mac & Cheese at Fresh Market! Expired

Completely FREE box of Western Family Macaroni & Cheese with coupon.   There are also a few other FREE items with purchase coupons available. Thanks Savvy Sister Shops !  (One of my favorite Utah sites!)

Illusionicity: A Vegas Style Performance of Magic & Illusion in Utah!

Illusionicity is a 90 minute show that will be presented at the Sandy Amphitheater in Sandy, Utah! DATE: Friday, June 25, 2010 TIME:  8 pm COST:  Tickets are $10 for reserved seats, $8 for the grass.  Children 3 and younger are FREE. HERE'S HOW TO GET 20% OFF! -Click on this link for Illusionicity and use code ILLUSIONZONE UPDATE!  You can avoid high service fees by getting tickets directly from Sandy Arts.   In person go to: Sandy City Hall 10000 S Centennial Pkwy Room 310 By Phone: Call 801.568.2787 -----Use Code ILLUSIONZONE to get 20% off!!------- There are service fees with Smith Tix.  With the discount you end up paying $27.00 for 2 tickets.  Tickets can be picked up at Will Call or mailed to you at no charge. More info on the event: "Illusionicity" A Vegas Style Performance of Magic and Illusion with Salt Lake Values. Michelangelo and the Illusionicity Dancers will present more than 90 minutes of astonishing entertainment with illusions, music, magic and

Instant Win Game with Smith's! (Kroger & Affiliates)

This is similar to the Instant Win Game they had a couple months ago.  You can play once a day and win up to 3 times total.   Play the Spin the Wheel Game here .  While your there you can also add e-coupons to your card.  I didn't win today :(  Let me know what you get! I'll put this on my sidebar so you can access it daily if you want. Here's a list of stores participating: Smith's Kroger Baker's City Market Dillons Fred Meyer Fry's Gerbes Hilander King Soopers JayC Owen's Payless QFC Ralph's Thanks Cuckoo !

52% off at Caputo's!! Yeah!

$12 for a $25 Gift Certificate to Caputo's by Night!   Another awesome Groupon for Utah !  Have you ever been to Caputo's??  It's definitely one to try if your in Salt Lake.  It's located near Pioneer Park and the Gateway.  My husband used to work around the corner from Caputo's.  This Groupon would have come in handy then.  We both love the place! Here is Caputo's menu .   It expires 12/14/10 and is only valid for dinner .   Tax and gratuity not included. If your skeptical about Groupon , there's no need to be.  They are easy to use and are such great deals!  They can get such great deals because they are relying on a big group buying them.  If not enough people buy them the deal is dead and you don't get charged.  But so far I haven't see that happen, the deals have been too good.  Go to their FAQ page if you have questions. After you buy the Groupon you'll get an email letting you know you can print it (within a day) so no shipping

$30 Bath & Body Works Gift Card when you buy $50 of Pampered Chef!

Belle with  Pampered Chef  is offering the  first 2 people  that  email her  a  $30 Gift Card  to Bath & Body works  when you buy $50 worth from  Pampered Chef !  That's a great deal! -First check out the  Pampered Chef site  and find what you want - Email Belle , tell her what you want AND what you want in the future. (wish list) -If your the first 2 to do it you'll get a $30 gift card! note: you will also have to pay shipping and taxes. Such a great deal!  Thank you Belle!

Chalkboard Chore Chart

Pumpkin Doodle Designs has the most creative things!  Check out this chore chart !  You get to choose the fabric and since you write the chores with chalk you can change it up as often as you want. If you want to stay up to date on her newest creations you can follow Pumpkin Doodle Designs here  or on Facebook here .

Quiznos Sub, Chips, & Drink for $2.99 is back!!

UPDATE: Gone again. The coupon is back and it will go fast!   It's $2.99 for a 6 in Sub, Chips, and a Drink!  Print it twice!

Walmart: Spent $1.07

I've mentioned many times that I only get 1 newspaper subscription.  I was paying $1.14 a week.  THEN this deal for .75 a week came out and I couldn't pass it up.  We would get one subscription for sure because we like to get the paper.  A second copy only cost $39 for the year!  I'll make that back in a month...easy!  I sound like I sell the  I don't, but I'm a fan. :) Pampers wipes are on sale at Walmart for $1.97 use $2/1 P&G 6/6 = FREE Pull-Ups Flushable Wipes $1.64 use $1/1 SS 5/16 or SS 6/13 = .64 If you need to find a coupon you can search for it on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals Coupon Database .  It's awesome!! Also about this trip to Walmart, I had a gift card I needed to use up.  Guess how much was left on it.  $1.06!!  And guess who didn't have a penny!!!  I had a dollar though, now I have LOTS of change. :)

Stock Up 6/9 - 6/15 Most Under $1!

Goldfish Crackers $1.00 use .35/1 printable (coupon no longer available) = .65! Lifesavers (bagged) $1.00 use $1/2 printable = .50 each wyb 2    Great for food storage and potty training! Promise Spread $1.49 use .65/1 RP 5/23 = .84 Jello Gelatin or Jello Pudding $1.00 use BOGO FREE SS 6/6 = .50 each wyb 2    No-Cook Banana Pudding Ken's Salad Dressing 16 oz. $1.67 use $1/1 SS 5/9 = .67 Nestle Drumsticks $2.77 use $1/1 SS 5/2 = $1.77 See Utah's full list here .

Vinegar IS a Thrifty Tip

So awhile ago I tried vinegar in my dishwasher instead of Jet Dry.  I wasn't pleased, but I was mistaken!  I've been rinsing my dishes a little better and they're coming out GREAT!  (or atleast just as good :)  There's no vinegar smell, my glasses look fantastic, and I'm saving money.  I must have had too much food on my dishes when I tried it out before....I don't know.  All I know is I haven't taken the vinegar out of my dishwasher after all this time and you'd think there was Jet Dry in there! Anyway I wanted to set the record straight. :)  Vinegar is our friend.

Target Gift Card Winners!

Congratulations to Cheryl and Kim! I'll have another giveaway tomorrow....stay tuned :) Thanks to all who entered!!

FREE Nail Polish from Ulta!

Bring this coupon for a FREE nail polish to Ulta to claim yours! There are 2 Utah locations.  Check out all Ulta locations here . Thanks Mindy  & Savvy Sister Shops !

FREE Milk!

UPDATE:  This deal didn't work for me at the Salt Lake Smith's.   BUT Smart Balance Milk is on sale for $2.99,  so with the $2/1 RP 6-13 it's $0.99!! Krazy Coupon Lady says it's available in TX, WA, OR, and CA Thanks Sf! We Use Coupons is reporting that when you buy Smart Balance Milk at Smith's (Kroger) you'll get a catalina for a FREE one!    I haven't tried this yet because both of my kids are sleeping, and I'm not crazy enough to wake them up for FREE stuff. (or am I?......) Anyway I'll keep you posted.  If you do it before me, let me know!  It is also rolling which means when you use the catalina to get your FREE milk, another catalina will print. OH!  And in the Red Plum you got in the mail today there is a $2/1 coupon for Smart Balance Milk !  If you don't get it in the mail it will come in your newspaper on Sunday. There is also a $1.50/1 RP 5/23. Thanks Cuckoo for Coupon Deals !

Quiznos Sub, Chips, & Drink for $2.99! GONE

Update: ALL GONE Quiznos Meal for $2.99 coupon is still available!  Looks like it expires a week after print.   I'm not sure how long the coupon will last.

Good Lookin' Shortbread Recipe

Would you look at that picture???  You can probably tell that I didn't take it :) Well, I didn't.  This recipe is from Lauren at GoLo Kitchen . I thought this might be a good one to try out on Dad this weekend.  You probably already have most, if not all of the ingredients.  Doesn't it look amazing!!

$25 Gift Certificate for $2!

Click here for Gift Certificates .  Enter the code SAVE to get 80% off!!  I was looking around on the site and you can get a $100 Gift Certificate to the Star of India for $8 !  WHAT!  Except you have to spend $200 :)  I guess if you had a lot of friends, or a BIG family. Anyway, most $25 certificates are $2 using the code, with a minimum purchase of $35.  They don't expire for a year!!  We've used them a couple times and LOVE saving money at nice places. Enter your zip code and you can see what is available in your area.  Sale won't last long...

GIVEAWAY: $10 Target eGift Card!! 2 Winners! ENDS TOMORROW

Tomorrow at 10 pm. there will be TWO winners of  $10 Target eGift Cards! Enter here .  Good luck!

Father's Day Printables for Kids

DLTK is a site I found awhile ago when i was trying to find a Thanksgiving Bingo Card template.  I need help in crafty situations. :)   If your looking for something the kids can surprise Dad or Grandpa with, check out this site .  They have cards, coloring pages, games, crafts, etc.  It really is a fun site.   They cover all holidays......thank goodness.  I really do need the help.

60% off Nutty Guys, Summer Swag, Scotch coupons!

Utah's Groupon is a $25 Gift Certificate to the Nutty Guys for $10 !!  It will only last for today.  If your new to Groupon you can sign up here .  All you do is buy the certificate, then they will let you know when you can print it.  That's all.  This one doesn't expire until 12/31!!  I love Nutty Guys! It's the Summer of Swag and today every 7th search gets 31 Swagbucks!  I haven't won it yet but I'm going to keep trying. :)  Gotta search the web anyway... If you haven't signed up yet, you can start off with 50 Swagbucks using code SUMMEROFSWAG.   Enter the code where it says "Enter Your Swag Code". Remember to go here to get $7 worth of Scotch coupons !  You'll need to sign up but they don't need that much information.

Printable Paper Dolls!

I love this!   Fantastic Find  put a list together of different sites that have FREE printable paper dolls!  Isn't this adorable?  Sometimes I think my child is bored with me, maybe this will help :) Thanks Money Saving Mom !

Quiznos Meal for $2.99! GONE

UPDATE: GONE Here's a cheap date idea!  Print two coupons for ANY Small Sub, Chips, and a Drink for $2.99 at Quiznos!  It's one per person so maybe you'll have to pay separately to use both.  

Cellfire Apology - $1 off!

Did you feel like you wasted your time last Friday with the Cellfire offer?  I did. Thanks to Savvy Sister Shops , I emailed them about my wasted time (nicely) and left my name and cell phone # .  Within a couple hours they emailed me back and told me to log into my account to get a $1.00 coupon for my next purchase .  I love companies that want to fix mistakes. (they had technical difficulties) Thank you Cellfire !

Case of Paper for $3 at Staples!

Staples has a GREAT deal on paper this week! Here's the deal: Staples Bright White Multi-Use Paper (1 case = 5 reams) $24.99 Hammermill Copyplus Copy Paper (500 sheet ream) $6.49 Subtotal $31.48 use $10/$25 Purchase - it's from Office Depot but Staples accepts competitors coupons.  I called the Salt Lake store and they said they would take it. Pay $21.48 Then you will get back 2 rebates, $12.99 and $5.49, by mail.  Rebate instructions print on the receipt.  It really is easy. TOTAL is $3.00 after rebates!! If your not a member of Staples Rewards you need to sign up to get the rebates.  You can also sign up pretty quick in the store. Thanks A Few Short Cuts & Dixie Coupon Chicks !

FREE Bag of Dog Food for a Pug!

When you join the Royal Canin Pug Group on Dogster you'll receive a coupon for a FREE bag of Royal Canin Pug 25!  You'll need to have a active dog profile with a picture of your cute Pug. Thanks I Love Free Things !

Get Coupons from Pampers Village!

Join Pampers Village and you can earn points for prizes.  So far I've received a coupon for a FREE box of Cheeerios.  That took 200 points.  It was pretty easy to get even without buying Pampers.  I frequently get 10 points from catalinas! ALSO Pampers Wipes are on sale at Walmart for $1.97 use $2/1 Pampers wipes P&G 6/6 = FREE (thanks Savvy Sister Shops !)