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More FREE Razors! I Got Mine Already!

I got my razor, and it came with coupons! :)  There are still more available . Coupon Pro has a list of sites.

FREE $30 Bath & Body Works Gift Card when you buy $50 from Pampered Chef!!

Belle with Pampered Chef is offering the first 3 people that email her a $30 Gift Card to Bath & Body works when you buy $50 worth from Pampered Chef !  That's a great deal! -First check out the Pampered Chef site and find what you want - Email Belle , tell her what you want AND what you want in the future. (wish list) -If your the first 3 to do it you'll get a $30 gift card! note: you will also have to pay shipping and taxes. Such a great deal!  Thank you Belle!

Cellfire Reminder, Free doughnuts, and hot dogs!

At 4pm MST   log in to Cellfire and look for the coupons for up to $10 off!  Not sure what the amount will be, I guess they think that makes it fun. :)  They will go quick!! If you haven't signed up for Cellfire yet you need to do that first.  Then right at 4pm MST , log in here and see what you got!  Let me know! See earlier post about it here . Also it's National Doughnut Day !  Get a FREE Krispy Kreme at participating locations ! AND on Tuesday, June 15th you can get a FREE hot dog at Hot Dog on a Stick ! --from 5-8 pm. Find Hot Dog on a Stick locations here . Thanks One Cheap Chick !

Coupons: Lunch Meat & Sobe

Like Sara Lee on Facebook and get a $2/1 coupon! Thanks Rose Knows Coupons ! Sobe is on sale at Smith's right now for .88 each use BOGO free printable = .44 each!! Thanks Printable Coupons & Deals !

Freezer Chicken Parmigiana

This recipe was SUPER easy, and really good!  I got it from  Fix, Freeze, Feast: Prepare in Bulk and Enjoy by the Serving - More than 125 Recipes .  This is such a handy book! 6 Chicken Breast halves (recipe in the book is double this) 1/2 c flour 2 eggs 6 slices Mozzarella cheese 3 cups Red Sauce (I used Prego from my storage) 1 c dry breadcrumbs Rinse and trim chicken Lay out 3 shallow dishes    put flour in one, eggs in another, and breadcrumbs in the third Slightly flatten chicken by laying on cutting board and pressing down.  --Comes out better with flatter chicken (pictured is way too thick!) Coat chicken with flour, dip in egg, then coat with breadcrumbs Place on greased baking sheet and put in the freezer for an hour until frozen Seal in freezer bag If you want to freeze the sauce and cheese so it's altogether:    measure 1/2 c per half breast in a freezer bag    cut enough slices of cheese, wrap in plastic wrap     add both to chicken bag When you

Up to $10 off at Smith's (Kroger)!!

Have you heard of Cellfire ??  They are e-coupons.  Tomorrow (6/4) at 4 pm MST there will be a coupon that can be loaded onto your Smith's (Kroger) Rewards card for up to $10 off!!!  The amount will vary and they could go really quick.   Sign up for Cellfire now so you'll be ready to just log in and grab it! Cellfire is a free site that just loads coupons onto you rewards card.  EASY!  AND I've even had a Cellfire e-coupon stack with a clipped coupon!!  ....several times actually :)  I'll remind you again when it gets close to 4 pm MST tomorrow.  The URL for the coupon is .  Here's hoping we all get $10 off!!

FREE at Winco!

Check your mail because with in-ad coupons you can get FREE : 12 pack Shasta Soda Bar S Meat Franks 12 oz. Wonder Hot Dog Buns 8 ct. Calidad Tortilla Chips 14 oz. SHEESH!  I wish I lived close to a Winco!  I think they send me the ad just to taunt me. Anyone know if you can get ad's at the store??

Cheap Juice, Gift Cards for Christmas, and FREE Pancakes!

Like Welch's Juice on Facebook and get a $2/1 coupon.  You can only print one.  This is on sale right now at Smith's for $2.99! Thanks Utah Deal Diva ! Start saving up Swagbucks for Christmas .  If you sign up before June 11th you'll get 50 Swagbucks to start you off.  Use code SUMMEROFSWAG when you sign up . If you start saving now you could have enough to help supplement your Christmas shopping.  Some people use Swagbucks to get it all!  Unless your a crazy web searcher you may have to wait until 2011 Christmas to have it really pay off. When you join IHOP eclub Pancake Revolution you will get 3 free meals!   one for signing up one on your birthday one a year from signing up Thanks Mojo Savings !


Thanks to The Coupon Project and Queen Bee Coupons  for the picture.  She found this at a local QFC. Cracks me up....wonder if it was an accident (no pun intended..HA!)

Whole Foods 6/2 - 6/15

Stoneyfield Yogurt 6 oz. $0.50 use .50/3 printable (sign up) = $0.33 each when you buy 3 Also enter codes in the Stoneyfields Rewards program to earn FREE coupons! Cascadian Farm Cereal $3.50 use $1/1 Printable = $2.50 See Whole Foods Ad here .  Click on Specials after you select your store.

Stock Up 6/2 - 6/8

Avocados .50     -I never used to buy more than I could eat in a couple days.  UNTIL I learned     you just keep them in the fridge and then pull them out when your ready for     them to fully ripen.   -ALSO I've found that once you've cut them open if you keep them in    tupperware instead of a plastic bag they will last longer.   Mangos .50    Try to find ones with red, yellow, and green. Cool Whip $1.00    Buy 3 get $1 catalina   Buy 4 get $2 catalina   Buy 5 get $3 catalina      Sunburst Salad      Chicken Salad Sandwiches      Homemade Strawberry Shortcake      No-Cook Banana Pudding Strawberries $1.50    Look for peelie coupon for $1 off Strawberries if you buy Cool Whip! Kroger Sour Cream $1.00 Kroger Cottage Cheese $1.00 Smith's Eggs .99 Athenos Hummus $1.50 use BOGO free printable = .75 each! wyb 2    What to do with Hummus Lifesavers $1.00 use $1/2 printable = .50 each wyb 2 Go here for a complete list. Stoneyfield Yogurt

Sunburst Salad

Here is a GREAT cool whip recipe! (Believe me, I get rave reviews on this every time I make it) :) And, it's SUPER easy!! 1 large pkg Orange jello 1 large pkg Lemon pudding (regular, NOT instant) 1 8 oz cool whip Make both jello and pudding as directed on each package, except decrease the amount of water in each by 1/4 cup. After both are made, stir them together. Refrigerate till set. Top with cool whip and serve. Enjoy!! Smiths: Cool Whip $1.00   Catalina:   buy 3 get $1 coupon for next purchase  buy 4 get $2  buy 5 get $3 Also remember to look for peelie's on Strawberries to get $1 off when you buy Cool Whip!  Strawberries are $1.50 this week!

$8 Gift Certificate to Top It for $3!! GONE

Deal ends at midnight! Utah's Groupon is an $8 Gift Certificate to Top It for $3 !!  Top It is located in Holladay.   Go here for details.  After you buy you just go into your account and you can print it off.  Easy!  You can also buy them as gifts.  They allow you to buy up to 5 but you can only use one per visit. Over 1000 have already bought one so this deal is definitely on! To see the Groupon in your area, click here .

Anybody want these? GONE

UPDATE: Coupons go to Haley! Click on the picture for a better look.  If you could use them just leave a comment. will choose who I mail them to tomorrow at 10 am. Thanks!

Free Photo Mouse Pad From Rite Aid!

Just in time for Father's Day!   Go here , watch a commercial, sign in, then you can get instructions on how to get a FREE personalized mouse pad.  After you watch the commercial, click on the Rewards tab and you can view the coupon with instructions.  Your able to pick it up in your store.  Completely FREE!  While supplies last. I just did mine and it went really fast!   UPDATE:  if the above link won't work, try going here (sign up if you haven't already) Click on Personalized Photo Gifts Upload your photo Select photo gifts Select office gifts Use code FREEMSPD at checkout Let me know if you get it!

No-Cook Banana Pudding

I took advantage of the sale on Cool Whip & Stawberries AGAIN, so now I have 8 cartons of Cool  But Im not worried, (A) because it freezes great, (B) I keep finding amazing recipes for it. Like this recipe for Uncooked Banana Pudding !  It's not really banana pudding, it's more like vanilla pudding with fresh bananas.  So YUM! In the recipe you'll notice it calls for Vanilla Wafer Cookies.  I didn't have any of those, but I had Keebler Sandies from a sale awhile ago (.49!).  The only other changes I made were using fat free sour cream, lite Cool Whip, and skim milk. I put one row of cookies in a bag, rolled them with a rolling pin, then layered it in a glass dish:  cookies, pudding, bananas I did 3 layers. This is a sure crowd pleaser!  And without the cookie it's pretty low cal. :) Smiths: Cool Whip $1.00   Catalina:   buy 3 get $1 coupon for next purchase  buy 4 get $2  buy 5 get $3 Kroger Sour Cream $1.00 (today .88!)

My New Budget

I added up my May total for groceries AND toiletries (2 kids in diapers).  It was $292.41 .  I took the average of my totals so far this year and it was $299.  So I'm changing my budget to $300 every month .   With my current need for hair product, TONS of diapers, and my love of Pink Lady Apples, I think $300 is respectable for my little family of 4.  :) After coupons of course, what has helped me the most is feeling accountable to the blog (thanks!).  I try not to buy stuff we don't need (unless it's free or I make money on the deal).  I'm also trying to stock up on food storage.  I'm still amazed I'm able to do this on half of what we used to spend!   If your struggling to keep a budget for food and toiletries (the area that was most out of control for us), start TODAY keeping all your receipts in an envelope, write the totals on it so you can start keeping track of what you spend.  Doing this helps keep you aware of what your spending.  It's hard to

Pasta Salads: Boxed and Homemade

Do you have a lot of Suddenly Salad's that you got for free a couple weeks ago? Normally I just keep these in my food storage but I was lazy over the weekend and needed something for dinner. I added tomato, chopped cheese sticks, and spanish olives.  I don't recommend adding the olives.  It made it too salty.  But the tomato and cheese are MUSTS! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my FAVORITE pasta salad recipe:  MUCH better, in fact I could eat it all.  ALL! 1 box Rotini pasta cooked Al Dente 1 cup chopped tomato 15-20 slices Hormel Turkey pepperoni chopped atleast 4 cheese sticks chopped or diced mozzarella Chopped Spanish Olives (to taste)  not too salty in this recipe :) 3 med carrots chopped Half a cucumber chopped Dressing: 1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 7 T Apple Cider Vinegar 1 t Seasoned Salt 1 T Dried Parsley 1 t Dried Basil 1 T Chives 1 t Garlic Powder 1 t Oregano Mix ingredien

20% off at Famous Footwear

You can get 20% off your entire order at Famous Footwear!   Print coupon here  to use in store, or use code MAY20 online.  Valid through 6/5. If you buy online make sure to go through Shop At Home first.  You'll get 13% cash back !  Plus $5 if your new!! Ebates is offering 9% cash back.

FREE JR Frosty w/ANY Purchase!

Sign up for Wendymail and get a $1 off coupon within the week.   For people already subscribing to Wendymail, check your email... I just got a coupon for a FREE Jr. Frosty with ANY purchase!  They must know it's gonna get hot soon. :) Coupon is only valid at participating locations.  Expires 6/13

Muir Glen and Cascadian Farm Coupons

Two of my favorite coupons are here ! $1/1 Muir Glen product $1/1 Cascadian Farm

Cheap Diapers & Wipes!

I went to Rite Aid and bought 3 packs of diapers for $13.47 (incl. tax) plus I'll get $2 back in rebates.  That's $3.82 each!  Wahoo! When you buy 3 packs you can use $5/25 coupon use $1/1 Huggies Ad Perks (hopefully you got it) use three $3/1 Huggies here , here , or here then submit your receipt here and you'll get $2 back. Next I went to Smith's.  When you buy $15 worth of Huggies Products you get $3 instantly taken off.   These ended up costing me $3 each! Bought 3 at $5.99 ea used three $2/1 printables (no longer available) if you don't have them you can get $1/1 printables , it's a target coupon that can be used everywhere.