Tight Wad in Utah: My Frugal Christmas Tree - by Sarah

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Frugal Christmas Tree - by Sarah

A closeup of my Christmas "tree."
Someone might say this is going too far, but for now this is perfect for our family.  My husband and I have no children and we live in a small house, so for Christmas we don't bother buying a Christmas tree, we just decorate our plant stand. 

It's perfect for hanging the few sentimental ornaments we have, and works well to display some of our knickknacks, and stringing lights is easier than putting them on a tree.  I like to believe we're being frugal, making the most of what we have, making do or doing without.  For now it makes us both happy and we can still enjoy turning off the lights and sitting in the glow of the "tree's" lights.  Just call me a tightwad!

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Veronica said...

Love the idea!
When we were in our small SLC apartment, we would do a small tree that is now in our room.
Very nice idea. Love it!

smasek said...

Hey Sarah! We don't have a Christmas tree just because we will need the room for a very important event that should be happening ANYTIME NOW. So instead we hung some cheap garland that I purchased three years ago in the window and decked it with lights and ornaments. We really like it. I guess that calls me a tightwad too! hehehehe. Love your creativity!