Tight Wad in Utah: Welcome Sarah! A new Tight Wad Contributor!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome Sarah! A new Tight Wad Contributor!

I am so excited that my friend Sarah has agreed to join Tight Wad!  She is thrifty to the BONE and I have so much to learn from her!  Plus.. she makes me laugh :)  
You can look forward to future posts that will help us all save money and time.  Thank you Sarah!! --I love the "eye"

Being frugal may be the biggest thing my husband and I have in common.  For how much we enjoy saving money, it may come as a surprise that even though we don't have children I'm not employed.  When we got married I quit my job as a teacher to stay home and take care of our "family."  I think one of the best ways to save money is to make it a full time vocation.  This way I can give all my focus to planning and conserving and maximizing our family's resources.  I'm enjoying the challenge.

Being frugal, though, is not new to me. I remember one time at work when people were talking about how much they spent on hair cuts.  I was still making my Dad do it.  I'd go to visit him, and I'd leave with a new hair cut as well as a gallon of milk, courtesy of Mom.  That same group of coworkers were always amazed to find out that my latest outfit was actually a find at Savers.  Even up to my last day of work I had a reputation for bringing healthy lunches I made myself.  Now my husband is the one who gets stares from his coworkers as he munches on his carrot sticks instead of a frozen dinner.

I've enjoyed discovering that sometimes the healthiest approach is often the most frugal.  It is my goal to not only save money, but also the other precious resources in my life: time, health, peace of mind, and relationships.  Posting on this blog is one way I hope to "save."

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Veronica said...

Sarah, you're fabulous and I respect and look up to you for many reasons.
If I had a peeled orange, I'd give it to you now... :)

plainoldsarah said...

thank you v! i have to say, though, you were my inspiration for joining the team. you showed the way. i have a lot to learn!

Casey said...

Welcome aboard Sarah! I look forward to your tips that combine healthy and frugal. I definitely could use some help in that category.

Erika said...

Awesome Sarah! I can always use some inspiration in the money saving department :)