Tight Wad in Utah: How to Price Match!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Price Match!

I got these bananas for 18 cents a pound by price matching!
Ever since Audrey started this love affair with coupons I've tried to join the fun.  I struggle doing so, though, probably because I don't get the newspaper.  I have heard, and I believe it's true, that until you do it's hard to really have fun with coupon using.  What I have been able to embrace, though, is price matching.  I love price matching!  Since I buy a lot of produce this is the most effective way to save money at the store without having to go to a bunch of different stores.  I used to be intimidated, but after encouragement and coaching from my sister (who is always raving about it) I gave it a try and now I do it all the time.  Here is a quick run down of how I do it:

1)      When the sale ads come in the mail, I sit down and circle everything that looks good. 
2)      If I’m good and responsible, I check my Costco price list to make sure it really is a better deal. 
3)      I look through my coupons and pull out the ones that are about to expire soon or match something in the ads. 
4)      I write up a list, including the prices from the sale ads with the name of the store noted, and head for Walmart. 
5)      If I find that the price at Walmart is cheaper then I put the item in my cart in a special "regular price" pile. 
6)      When I get to the check out I just load up the regular priced items first and tell the cashier I'm going to price match.  I leave a decent space between the regular priced items and the matched items.
7)      Some cashiers are great. The trick is smiling as big as you can, being organized, and having that sale ad handy in case they want to question you, which happens.
8)      If they give me a hard time (which sometimes happens) I just choose to leave it there or I pay their price, depending on whether I really need it.
So there you have it - price matching!  It's my preferred way to save money at the grocery.

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The Mulberry Girl said...

Great topic - price matching can save you so much money but it can be a little intimidating at first for some!

Penny W said...

Does Walmart have any restrictions on what stores' ads they will price match?

plainoldsarah said...

Oh I wish I could say I were a total expert on the topic. Most of what I learned I got from reading other peoples' blogs. Here's a link to Walmart's rules:

I basically just take the ads I get in the mail. My sister uses information she gets online that shows stores' prices and her Walmart doesn't give her any trouble. My Walmart seems a little more picky so I haven't dared that approach.

Trucker Mom said...

Do they price match produce and meat prices?

The Mulberry Girl said...

I've had great luck price matching produce and meat - as long as it is printed in the ad, they will match it!

plainoldsarah said...

That's how I got 18 cent bananas. I love the Rancho Market ads because they always advertise steals on produce. And since you don't usually get coupons for produce it's the best way to get produce on the cheap. (next to making friends with your neighbors.)

Veronica said...

Aside from Walmart...are there other stores that you know of that price match?

plainoldsarah said...

Fine question Veronica. Not that I know of, but just the other day on the news they mentioned that when you go to a store (I think they were talking electronics or big item type stuff - not groceries) that it doesn't hurt to say you can get it for x amount online or at another store and they'll often match your price. Yep, I think the story was on KSL or something. I have heard that a lot, actually, that it's worth trying to "bargain."

Penny W said...

Target/SuperTarget will also price match. Here's their policy:

Sharonna said...


Do you mind if I use this post on my blog?


Thanks so much!


plainoldsarah said...

Sharonna - thank you! I'd love it if you linked to this post on your blog. Feel free to paraphrase too.

Veronica said...

Great post! Learned so much.