Tight Wad in Utah: As low as $32 for a 6'-'7 DELIVERED Christmas Tree!

Friday, November 12, 2010

As low as $32 for a 6'-'7 DELIVERED Christmas Tree!

Today's Screamin Deal is $37 for a fresh-cut 6'-7' Noble Fir Christmas Tree delivered to your door!

I actually bought this deal when it was on Groupon the other day.  But with the $5 credit Screamin gives you when you sign up, this is even a better deal!
Personally I think it's a better deal to invest in a fake tree, but we don't have the space to store one quite yet. :)  According to Jessica at Utah Deal Diva $37 is how much trees were at Walmart last year!  And I'm sure Walmart didn't deliver.

I like the fact that this company only cuts trees that are pre-ordered so there's no wasted trees.  They will deliver to Salt Lake County, Davis County, and most of Northern and Southern Weber County.  See more details here.  It says Gratuity isn't included....glad I saw that, I wouldn't have thought to tip!

Here are reviews of Prepaid Christmas Trees.
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d said...

i really want this deal! but the fine print states you can't choose the delivery date/time. i want to have my tree for most, if not all, of December. but i won't know when it will come, so that's the only reason i'm not buying this.

Audrey @ Tight Wad in Utah said...

It's best to be safe. I wasn't worried because they are starting in Salt Lake County (where I live) on Thanksgiving. I'm sure there will be more tree deals :) One thing I've learned is that there's always another deal around the corner :):)