Tight Wad in Utah: $68 worth of Winder Farms Products as low as $15!

Friday, October 29, 2010

$68 worth of Winder Farms Products as low as $15!

Deals that Matter has a GREAT deal going on today!  You can get $68 worth of Winder Farm products for $20.  When you sign up you get a $5 $15!!!  Wahoo!  This deal is only good for new customers though.  Go here to see the details.

If your not into that, sign up anyway to get your $5 credit.  They have great deals going on all the time and 100% of the proceeds go to a local cause!
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Jena Olsen said...

Wow I seriously love your site! As far as Windor Farms goes, I have a question. I am a college student and I don't have a stable residence. Windor Farms stopped by the other day and offered me this great deal. I don't know that much about them but do you think it is a good idea for someone like me to sign up for this? I am an avid shopper and check out all the good deals, price matches, free stuff, etc. Would I still be saving money by signing up for Windor Farms, or just having convenience? What are your thoughts?

Audrey @ Tight Wad in Utah said...

Hi Jena! I was actually with Winder for a year mostly for convenience. When I found Winder milk at Rite Aid I cancelled. :) I don't have a problem with impulse buying when I go to a store so I found I saved more money with planning and couponing. That said...I LOVE the deals Winder has been having lately. I did the one from Groupon (same as above, or close) I just won't stay with them until I have another
Does that answer your question?

Jena Olsen said...

Yep that does! Thank you so much!