Tight Wad in Utah: Take the Sting out of Eating Out

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take the Sting out of Eating Out

My review is featured again on Juice in the City.  This time it's about the Thai Noodle House at 9th & 9th in Salt Lake.  I LOVE this place!  And they are SO great with my kids!!  (If your not in Utah you won't see my review but you'll see your own local activities or deals.)

So two things...First if you sign up with Juice in the City you'll get a $10 credit for when they start doing deals in your area!  (If you "Like" today's activity they will try to get a deal with Thai Noodle House) is the last day you can get a $25 Gift Certificate for $2!  The Thai Noodle House is participating!  Use code CLEARANCE at checkout to get the $2 price.

If you go through Shop At Home first you'll get 25% back!!  PLUS $5 if your new!
Shop At Home just gives you money back for going through them first when you online shop.  I've been using them for awhile now and I love it!  You get a check quarterly when your account reaches $20.   It adds up.

Here's what you do:

Sign up for Shop At Home (they need very little info)
Search for
Click Shop Now
Then you'll be directed to!

In the past month we've used 2 certificates.  One for Thai Siam and one for Five Alls.  Awesome places!!  Five Alls is amazing!  It's also expensive, so having the certificate took out some of the sting.  (It was my husbands birthday...hence the reason for the sting :)

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