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Frugal Birthday for Daddy

Yesterday was my husbands birthday.  I had two goals: 
1. stay within budget
2. involve my two year old as much as possible

Regarding #1  I bought some Ben & Jerry's ice cream, used an oreo pie crust I got from Walgreens months ago, and used cool whip I got for free!

I used two of my groupons to buy him gifts (gifts that he wanted even!)  One was from the Nutty Guys, they have great gift boxes!  And the other was from a local bakery.  Who doesn't want bakery goods for their birthday??

I also used swagbucks to take the sting out of an Amazon purchase for him. :)  I would tell you what it was but he doesn't have it yet.  I was a little late ordering. lol

Now involving my daughter.... It was actually really fun.  I took her to the Dollar Tree and let her pick out a present for him.  She even used her OWN dollar. :)
She picked 2 packages of M&M's and a witch.  (lol)  She kept saying..."open up the Sea Witch Daddy!"---she's been watching the Little Mermaid.

Then I found some paper and I had her draw some pictures on them.  Best wrapping paper ever!  I save ribbons and bows so I pulled out the stash and let her pick what to use.  FUN!

Adorable right?? :)



Noelle said…
That sounds awesome! I am sure he loved his thoughtful gifts :)
Veronica said…
Totally adorable.
I like how you involved your 2 year old. Do you have other ideas on getting 2 year olds involved with what you're doing?
Noelle - He did love them. I didn't mention this in the post, but she actually broke the we went to buy it and the cashier just gave it to us. NICE! So he even liked his one-legged witch..LOL

Thanks V!

Dave & Nicole - I'm usually trying to get her UNinvolved in what I'm doing..hehehe...She likes to help in the garden. I gave her little scissors and she cuts the weeds. :)
What awesome tips! Your daughter is adorable! I'm waiting to use my Nutty Groupon- they were all out of the cajun nuts hubby wanted.

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