Tight Wad in Utah: Finally Under Budget...barely

Monday, August 2, 2010

Finally Under Budget...barely

I made my grocery budget goal for July!  My goal is $300, and that includes diapers (for 2 kids- hopefully not for long) and toiletries.  I blame going over budget in the past completely on Costco.  They have an addictive chemical in their floor cleaner that makes ya crave it

Anyway I spent $294.09!!  Wahoo!  I'll try and keep it up.  :)  Costco and it's wee beady'll stop.

One big help to my budget was the coupon rounding event at Smiths!  Nicole also had success last week.  She is new to couponing and still saved 42%!  See her score below.  Hip Hip to Nicole!!

(Costco quotes from "So I Married an Axe Murder" for those who just think I'm weird now)  See You Tube video

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Brenda said...

Great job on making it under budget! Costco does have a lot of tempting things to buy.

Audrey said...

I really don't feel that way about any other store. It's weird.

Thank you!