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CHEAP Seventh Generation Wipes!

It's been months now since I've paid anything substantial on wipes.  Amazon has an AMAZING deal going on right now!

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Wipes, 350-count Box (includes 5 Refill Packs) is on sale at Amazon for $13.99..big whoop.

BUT if you sign up for Subscribe and Save you'll get 30% off PLUS FREE 2 day shipping!!
That brought the total to $9.79!! (looks like the 30% off deal is with all wipes)

THEN use 450 Swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon e-gift card
Swagbucks is just a search engine (like Google) that rewards you for searching.  LOVE IT!
With normal searching I get 10 to 40 swagbucks a day.
---this is just what I did, of course if you have more swagbucks you could get it all and more for free.

Total $4.79!  Shipped to my door!!  WAHOO!

If your nervous about Subscribe and save...don't be.  All you do is click which delivery you want:

And then cancel it at anytime for any reason with just a click online.  I've been doing it for years. :)
By the way...I THINK my little girl is potty trained!!