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Another Giveaway: Digital Photo Keychain! -CLOSED-

So with the Circus giveaway going on I didn't want to leave non-Utahns out, so here is a giveaway for a Digital Photo Keychain!

At first I didn't see the use in this since a lot of you probably have phones that store pictures. But then I realized that kids, grandparents, or anyone without one would love it!  There's still people out there like that right??  :)

It's received great reviews!

Digital Photo Keychain Features:

Main features:
  • 1.5 inch 128x128 LCD display;
  • 4.8 MB internal memory which can store about 72 pictures;
  • Auto / manual picture slide show, slide time adjustable.
  • Manual switch between picture and time display
  • Time display including date, week, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Time manual adjustable or sync with computer via software.
  • Picture format: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF;
  • Picture size automatically cut by software.
  • Input / output picture via photo View software included
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Charged / data downloaded via 5 pins USB cable
  • Dimension: 5.5x4.1x1.2cm
  • Weight: 85g
Package contents:
  • 1 x Photo Frame with key ring;
  • 1 x USB cable

Here's how to enter:

Visit Wholesale Keychains and leave a comment here naming your favorite keychain.

Click "Like" or Comment on ANY post on Tight Wad Facebook Page - leave comment here saying you left a comment or liked a post (up to 3 entries, leave a comment for each you do)

Follow Tight Wad on Twitter

Giveaway will end Monday August 23rd at 10 p.m. MST.  Keychain was provided by Wholesale Keychain.  No compensation was received.  Winner will be chosen by


Rebecca Graham said…
I like the Lincoln Keychain & Keyring - Steering Wheel.

Follow on Twitter: rhoneygee
Facebook Fan: Rebecca Honey Graham

rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com
Yona said…
i like the Pepper Spray keychain. Email: yona(at)
Yona said…
Im a Twitter friend (pricelessteam). Email: yona(at)
Yona said…
I liked and commented on the zucchini post on Facebook (Priceless Writers). Email: yona(at)
Yona said…
I liked and commented on the keychain post on Facebook (Priceless Writers). Email: yona(at)
Katy and Wes said…
I think the pepperspray one would be nice to have

katrinasouthwick at gmail dot com
Katy and Wes said…
Like this post on fb

katrinasouthwick at gmail dot com
Katy and Wes said…
Like what to do with zucchini. I am going to try the cookies tomorrow.

katrinasouthwick at gmail dot com
Katy and Wes said…
I like the low entry. I always enter them everyday, and I've even won a couple!

katrinasouthwick at gmail dot com
wifeeonline said…
I love this idea. Great for the grandma who doesn't have a phone but loves to "show off" the grandbabies. I would have to say I liked that they had the Miami Dolphins available on a keychain. Hubs favorite and since they've been a losing team it's harder and harder to find "stuff" for him.
wifeeonline said…
Liked the "what to do with zuchinni". Who can't use more ways to use the excess!
wifeeonline said…
I liked this post on FB! :o)
wifeeonline said…
I liked the Roberts 50% off EVERYTHING! Gotta love that store.
Michelle said…
I like the Mickey Mouse one! I'm a Disney kind of a girl!
Missmich911 at aol dot com
Heather said…
I left a comment on the zuchinni post! :)
Heather said…
I left a comment on your giveaway post!
Heather said…
I follow you on Twitter... "TheSavvySister"!
Heather said…
I left a comment on the Circus tickets giveaway! :) I'm so excited for this!
Heather said…
I like the digital photo keychain in silver- I'd really like my husband to win this! Thanks, Audrey!
Anonymous said…
i like the Pepper Spray keychain also

c Juliana Isakson
Couponingismyhobby at gmail dot com
Thabal said…
My fav is: 'Digital Photo Keychain & Keyring with Stand - Silver'. I also like the 'Star Trek Communicator Keychain & Keyring'. Thanks for the giveaway.

thabal628 (at) gmail (dot) com
Baby Mama said…
I like the pepper spray keychain!
Baby Mama said…
I left the comment saying that I hope I win the circus tickets! And I do!
Kristen said…
I like the Michigan Wolverines Keychain.

kristen_yeh (at) yahoo (dot) com
Hifam said…
I like the Barrel of Monkeys Game Keychain & Keyring. Looks so fun!
hickenfam at hotmail dot com
Lina said…
I like the Pepper Spray Keychain & also the Las Vegas Dice
Lina said…
I follow you on twitter @lkim496
Anonymous said…
My favorite key chain is the Jimmy Johnson #48 key chain,
Anonymous said…
Twitter follower, marilynjaegly,
Brooke said…
I would get the USB keychain as you never know when it would come in handy.
Brooke said…
I liked you on Facebook
(brooke Comperchio)
Brooke said…
I am following Tightwadinutah on Twitter
i like the pepper spray keychain
i like the Metal Steering Wheel Promotional Keychain :) CUTE! :)

tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com
vwestermeyer said…
I like the keychain in silver
Kelly said…
I like the Jeep keychain although I can't afford to drive one!
reporterkc at hotmail [dot] com
Anonymous said…
Tha game keychains look like fun! My kids would love the digital one too. Thanks!
Scrummy said…
I like Flashlight LED Keychain
Scrummy said…
Like you on FB
Username is Lynn Fingerhut
Scrummy said…
Like your zucchini comment on FB
Username is Lynn Fingerhut
Anonymous said…
i like laser pointer chain
Briana Mims said…
Love the operation keychain, loved that game when I was a kid!! LOL!!

Following you on twitter Briana_Mims

Like your Carrott Cake Freezer Jam and What to do with Zuch. Part 2
✿Heαther✿ said…
I like the Flashlight keychain w/the laser pointer!
mommys3lilbirds at gmail dot com
✿Heαther✿ said…
I follow you on twitter as hell_0kitty

mommys3lilbirds at gmail dot com
Beckee said…
I like the hungry hippos chain.
beckeesdeals at gmail dot com
Beckee said…
I follow you on Twitter @beckee13
beckeesdeals at gmail dot com
Jackee Ann said…
I like the Hungry Hippo key chain
jb8903 at gmail dot com
Jackee Ann said…
I "liked" the carrot cake freezer jam post
jb8903 at gmail dot com
Jackee Ann said…
Following you on twitter as happeegirl
jb8903 at gmail dot com
Parris said…
I like the Streetwise Pepper Spray Key Chain!
mpierce said…
I like the digital photo key chain in silver.

mpierce0602 AT msn DOT com
Spiphibus said…
I like the streetwise pepper spray.
spiphibus at
Julie said… for my husband
nirra said…
I like the digital keychain in pink!
nirrakoonce2003 at yahoo dot com
Julia said…
My favorite key chain - Pittsburgh Steelers Keychain & Keyring - Premium Teardrop (in fact I might get it for my husband's Christmas stocking!).
Julia Young said…
I follow on twitter @coupondebtfree
Anonymous said…
Those are some neat keychains! I like several--Operation Carabiner Game Keychain & Keyring, digital photo keyring, pepper spray keyring.

Thanks so much!
Anonymous said…
I'm a FB fan (L.a. Ramsey) and liked the zucchini bread post. I have a recipe for that, too, that I need to make. Tx for sharing!

Anonymous said…
Hi! FB fan as L.a. Ramsey. I liked your post about the low-number of giveaways ending soon. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said…
Hello. FB fan as L.a. Ramsey. I liked your "Cheap Seventh Generation" wipes post on FB. I could use some of those here.

Anonymous said…
I'm a Twitter follower, as FrugalLeigh (

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
I like the 1.5 inch one!
These are awsome!!
JMN said…
My favorite keychain is the black framed digital keychain


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