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$50 Worth of Winder Farm Groceries for $20!!!!!!

This is an AMAZING Groupon today!  You can get 

-There is no delivery or sign-up fee!  You need to use the entire groupon in one order (easy).  They have a lot of variety.

-You can only buy one, but you can get 2 additional as gifts.  What an awesome gift for someone!!  Doesn't expire till 2/25/11 so you could use them as Christmas gifts!!

-If your an existing Winder customer you can get this deal!  If your a new customer they will provide the cooler at no charge.

-Also this is a one time deal, you don't have to order from them again if you don't want to.  

-After you buy, you'll get an email (within 24 hrs) letting you know when you can print your Groupon.  Instructions on how to redeem will be there.  

I love Winder!  They have amazing milk and great products from other local businesses!  I bought mine :);)  AND their desserts!  I actually have to be careful with Winder...the option of having donuts delivered to my door in the morning is far too tempting. 


Unknown said…
awesome! i've never tried them before and this is coming at perfect time for me because i'm injured and unable to get to the grocery store. so this will save my husband some hassle of grocery shopping and of not finding deals at the store :)
They really are convenient. I used them when I had my kids. Who wants to go to the store with a newborn?? I'm sorry your injured. I'm glad this will help!! Get better soon!