Tight Wad in Utah: Homemade Fruit Spread for Cents!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homemade Fruit Spread for Cents!

I have really tried to use exclamation points less, but I just can't...
So...My husband inspects the ingredients of everything I buy.  Annoying?.....yes, very much so, but I understand his reasons.   He is also a big jam eater so of course the ingredients are important to him.  I've been buying organic fruit spreads lately since my freezer and canned jams from last year ran out.  NO MORE!

Fruit Spreads:
-have NO gelatin
-little sugar (which is optional anyway)
-SO easy to make! AND CHEAP!!
what more do I need?  Just bread and some elbow room.  lol

Strawberry Fruit Spread (you can use almost any fruit)
1 T corn starch
2 T sugar (if ya want)
1/4 c water
1 c crushed fruit

To get a cup of crushed strawberries I didn't quite use the whole pound, I left this much.

Combine the corn starch and sugar then mix in small bowl
Add water and mix again
Transfer into a large microwave safe bowl and add fruit, then mix again
   (needs to be a large bowl so it doesn't boil over in the microwave.)

Microwave for 10 minutes
Pour into jar

The Fruit Spread lasts for 2 weeks in the fridge or months, possibly years, in the freezer!  I thought the consistency was perfect, but if you want it thicker you could microwave it longer or use less water.  YUM!  Ed can't complain about these ingredients!!! :):)  seriously, I'll work on my exclamation problem. Note: This post may contain a sponsored/affiliate/referral link. Thank you for supporting this site!


Noelle said...

I will definitely have to try this out, thanks!

I also have a problem with "!" and "..." They are so fun to use!...

Audrey said...

I know! I'm glad you understand. :)

blearyblueyedjack said...

I get excited easily. !Exclamation points! are just my way of showing it.

Brian and Michelle said...

This is really really good! Thanks for sharing. I made a big batch of strawberry, but I'll keep it in mind as other fruits come into season!