Tight Wad in Utah: E-Coupons: What to do when they don't come off!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

E-Coupons: What to do when they don't come off!

I bought Charmin the other day and it WASN'T on sale.   But I had a Smith's $3/1 e-coupon, plus a .25/1 paper coupon so I could stomach the purchase. :)   Anyway, the e-coupon did not come off!  What!  I wasn't about to make a fuss at the store with my kids in tow, so I went home with the sting of buyers remorse (lol).

Since the coupon was for $3 I decided to take action.  Here is what you do in case this happens to you.

Sign in to your account
Go to View My Coupons
click on Coupon Help
Fill out info under Contact Us
   for Type of Help use: Problem using coupon at store

I promptly got an email back from them and they wanted the following information:

First, please log into your account and check that (1) your card number is
entered correctly, and (2) the items you purchased meet the requirements
for the coupons.

Do these coupons appear in the "Redeemed" tab when you view your coupons?
Do these coupons appear in the "Active Coupons" tab when you view your

Then, please email us the following information:
1) Your shopper's card number
2) Date that you purchased the item(s) and at which store
3) Was your card swiped? or was your phone number used? (if your phone
number was used, was it typed into the credit card pin pad.) *
4) The qualifying item(s) purchased (please include upc code and price)
5) Was another digital coupon for the same item applied to the receipt?
6) Was a paper coupon used for the item(s)?  If yes, what was the value of
the paper coupon?
7) Was the qualifying item on sale as a "Manager's Special"  (a different
upc code sticker would be on the item).

My scanner wasn't working so I took a picture of the receipt and emailed that along with the info.  The next day I got an email back apologizing and saying that there was a $3 credit on my card!  This may seem like a lot of work for some, but just knowing that an issue like this can be easily fixed puts me at ease using e-coupons.

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Darcie said...

same thing happened to me with a Dawn soap e-coupon. It was only 50cents so I'm not going to take the time to email all the info about it. I think the P&G e-coupons that came out in the past week or two don't work for anybody in UT. I removed all the P&G ones from my card because I really don't think they will work anyway.

Audrey said...

That sucks...I usually load them thinking, if they come off.... great, but I'm not going to count on it. That attitude helps me :)

I didn't know about the P& G! Thanks for letting me know!

wifeeonline said...

I live in Utah and don't have problems with the P&G ecoups working. Another thing, though also time comsuming, is to take the item to self check and scan it and your card then hit "pay now". The ecoup will show up on the screen if it matches the item. You can then either pay for it then and their or void the item and continue with your shopping. The ecoup will still be on your card if your do not complete the transaction.
I too have had to email cellfire, smith's, etc about ecoups not coming off. They ALWAYS will give you a credit for the amount that did not come off your receipt and the awesome thing is it can be used on ANYTHING since it is a "credit" not a coupon.

Catalina Marketing will do the same thing. 2 weeks ago the ink in the catalina machine was out and 5 pieces of paper printed out with NOTHING on them. I was bummed. I knew 2 were catalinas. I emailed Catalina and told them what happened and could they please send me the catalinas and any other coupons that should have printed. A few questions to answer via email and 1 week later in the mail my 2 catalinas showed up with the 3 coupons that should have printed as well. SWEET!!!!

Audrey said...

That's great about the catalina's! And great tip about the P&G coupons! Thank you! Info like this takes the anxiety out of couponing for me.

My SLC Mommy said...

Great Post:)