Tight Wad in Utah: Walmart: Spent $1.07

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walmart: Spent $1.07

I've mentioned many times that I only get 1 newspaper subscription.  I was paying $1.14 a week.  THEN this deal for .75 a week came out and I couldn't pass it up.  We would get one subscription for sure because we like to get the paper.  A second copy only cost $39 for the year!  I'll make that back in a month...easy!  I sound like I sell the  I don't, but I'm a fan. :)

Pampers wipes are on sale at Walmart for $1.97
use $2/1 P&G 6/6

Pull-Ups Flushable Wipes $1.64
use $1/1 SS 5/16 or SS 6/13
= .64

If you need to find a coupon you can search for it on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals Coupon Database.  It's awesome!!

Also about this trip to Walmart, I had a gift card I needed to use up.  Guess how much was left on it.  $1.06!!  And guess who didn't have a penny!!!  I had a dollar though, now I have LOTS of change. :) Note: This post may contain a sponsored/affiliate/referral link. Thank you for supporting this site!


Noelle said...

That's funny about the gift card! I can't believe no one offered you a penny!

Audrey said...

I know! I even exaggerated my efforts of looking for change in my purse....nothing.....just stares.