Tight Wad in Utah: Up to $10 off at Smith's (Kroger)!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Up to $10 off at Smith's (Kroger)!!

Have you heard of Cellfire??  They are e-coupons.  Tomorrow (6/4) at 4 pm MST there will be a coupon that can be loaded onto your Smith's (Kroger) Rewards card for up to $10 off!!!  The amount will vary and they could go really quick.  
Sign up for Cellfire now so you'll be ready to just log in and grab it!

Cellfire is a free site that just loads coupons onto you rewards card.  EASY!  AND I've even had a Cellfire e-coupon stack with a clipped coupon!!  ....several times actually :) 

I'll remind you again when it gets close to 4 pm MST tomorrow.  The URL for the coupon is  Here's hoping we all get $10 off!!
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jacob and debbie said...

I only got $1 after waiting 1 hour and 47 minutes for the site to work...yeah, not really worth my time.

Audrey said...

Not at all! Sheesh....I haven't even heard anyone say they got more than $1. How stupid.