Tight Wad in Utah: My New Budget

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My New Budget

I added up my May total for groceries AND toiletries (2 kids in diapers).  It was $292.41.  I took the average of my totals so far this year and it was $299.  So I'm changing my budget to $300 every month.   With my current need for hair product, TONS of diapers, and my love of Pink Lady Apples, I think $300 is respectable for my little family of 4.  :)

After coupons of course, what has helped me the most is feeling accountable to the blog (thanks!).  I try not to buy stuff we don't need (unless it's free or I make money on the deal).  I'm also trying to stock up on food storage.  I'm still amazed I'm able to do this on half of what we used to spend!  

If your struggling to keep a budget for food and toiletries (the area that was most out of control for us), start TODAY keeping all your receipts in an envelope, write the totals on it so you can start keeping track of what you spend.  Doing this helps keep you aware of what your spending.  It's hard to lower your budget if you don't even know what it is.  Email me with any questions.  Im happy to help :)
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Noelle said...

I am constantly adjusting our budget to fit our current needs. I also find the blog is a great way to be accountable and it keeps me real!