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Thrifty Reviews - Clean Dishes and White Teeth

Im trying out 2 thrifty substitutes today and I will let you know if they work.  I'm hoping they do because they could save me some money AND a trip to the store, since I always have these things around the house.  Wish me luck!  --I also put the number for poison control on my

1. Vinegar as a dishwasher rinse agent.

I pulled out my "clean" dishes today only to find my glasses are ROUGH!  That ain't right.
I usually use Jet Dry, but I'm now out of it so I decided to try using vinegar.  We'll see....  I'll tell you right now I'm skeptical, but I'll find out tonight!
2.  Teeth Whitener

Did you know people use Hydrogen Peroxide as a mouthwash to whiten their teeth?  What??  I thought it sounded crazy but what the heck, I'm gonna try it.  I'll be the guinea pig :)

Before my wedding I went to a professional to get them whitened (gotta match them with your dress) and it felt like tiny knives were stabbing my mouth, AND they told me I had to lay off soy sauce!  Are you kidding me??  That's no way to live!

I'll report in a week.  I'd do before and after pictures but nobody wants to see that.  Well,  I don't want to see that.


I'd heard about the hydrogen peroxide thing. Let me know how it works!
Cath said…
I would think the H2O2 would increase teeth sensitivity. I had mine professionally whitened years ago, and they still hurt. Sigh.

Also, I swear by Lemi Shine for hard water spot removal. The dishwasher repairman suggested vinegar, but I didn't think it worked.

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