Tight Wad in Utah: Another Bread Store Review

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Bread Store Review

Remember my Bread Store vs. Grocery Store review? Well, it was time again to get some more bread, so I decided to try the Sara Lee Bakery Outlet this time. Here is what I bought:There are 7 loaves of bread, 1 pkg tortillas, 2 pkgs hotdog buns, 1 pkg hamburger buns, 1 pkg mini bagels, and 3 small treats.

Total paid? $15.04
Can't do that at the grocery store! :)

Here are the prices I found:

Many of the regular Sara Lee breads were 10/$10
Farm Bread - 10/$10
Earthgrains bread - 6/$9
Sara Lee hot dog buns - .80 (for a 16 pack!!!)
Tortillas - $1.25
Mini bagels - $1.00

Their mini treats were priced at .80, but several had a BOGO free on them.

And, the best part? When you spend over $10 you get something free from "the rack". I ALWAYS spend $10 when I go to the bread store! And, it wasn't just cheapo stuff, either - they had bags of bagels or loaves of the "good" bread! (So, I opted for another loaf :) )

If you haven't tried out the bread stores, give them a try! Note: This post may contain a sponsored/affiliate/referral link. Thank you for supporting this site!

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