Tight Wad in Utah: Yeah for Don Julio!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yeah for Don Julio!

I went to Fresh Market to pick up these babies, 10 inch-ers for .89!!  I went to checkout and the price didn't come up so the cashier asked me how much.  I said they were .89, and she said "no, these aren't .89"...then she saw my face, the instant sadness in my eyes, and said...."OH were these on sale?  I need to get some of these! 
HA!  Just thought it was funny.  

Im out of freezer burritos again!  So this time I'm making BIG ones :)  We'll see if they last a week this time. :)
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1 comment:

Kori said...

The "instant sadness in your eyes". Love it!