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Stock Ups for Winco, Fresh Market & Smiths 4/7 - 4/13

I am not a frequent Winco shopper because they are not conveniently located for me. However, since they came to Utah last fall, this is the 3rd time I have seen an ad put in the mail from them, with some high value coupons. I always try to make a special trip out there just for these ads. Here are the deals they are advertising this week through April 11th:

The following are with the in-ad coupons:

Shasta Cola - $1.48/12 pack (limit 2)

Hunt's Ketchup - .98 (limit 2)

Bandon Medium Cheddar Cheese - $2.98 (limit 1)

Kellogg's Pop Tarts - .98 (limit 2)

Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna - .28 (limit 3)

Cheerios - .98 (limit 2)
also pair with $1/2 SS 3/7
= .48 box!

Bar S Sliced Bacon - .98 (limit 2)

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts - $3.98/3 lb (limit 1)

Nalley Chili - .48 (limit 2)

American Falls Bottled Water - $1.98 (limit 1)

Other good deals that don't require an in-ad coupon:

Strawberries - .98/1 lb container (limit 2)

Potatoes, 10 lb - .68 (limit 1)

Whole Bagged Chicken, twin bag - .68/lb (limit 4 twin packs)

Pork Top Sirloin Roast - .98/lb (limit 2 pkgs)

As you saw from my previous post, strawberries and potatoes are an even better deal at Walmart this week (plus, no limitations!!!). However, if you did receive this ad, the in-ad coupons offer some pretty good deals.
Also, if you never shopped at Winco before, please note that they DO NOT accept credit cards. Debit cards are fine, though.

Western Family Whipped Topping .88

See Cuckoo for full list

Avocados .49
Beef - Rump Roast boneless 1.99/lb
Pork chops 1.19/lb

Sunny D .79
use .251/1 SS 2/7

Quaker Rice Snacks 1.00
use .75/1 RP 2/14

Kroger Beans, kidney, pinto, black or chili 24 count case $11.99
.50 ea

Kroger Broth 24 count case $11.99
.50 ea

Kroger Mandarin Oranges 24 count case $7.99
.33 ea

Kroger cream soups 24 count case $13.92
.58 ea

Smiths evaporated milk 24 count case $15.60
.65 ea

See full list here.


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