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Friday, April 23, 2010

*HEADS UP* Check Your Receipts

Have you been stocking up on all the great Associated Food Stores in-ad coupons this week? There are some great coupons in there. However, there is a slight flaw to their system. Here is what happened to me:

I went to Fresh Market yesterday and used many of those in-ad coupons. You will noticed that they all listed a "limit of" so many on each one. So, on those really good deals, I got my limit. I had a lot of groceries in my cart (not to mention 2 children!!), so I didn't pay as close attention as I normally do when the groceries and coupons were ringing up. I went home and later looked at my receipt. I discovered that each of those in-ad coupons only took the discount off of 1 ITEM! Not the multiples I was allowed! In figuring the difference, I found I was owed $8 back!That's quite a chunk of change!

This morning, I went back to Fresh Market, and we got everything squared away. My money was given back to me and they were very apologetic. I asked if the registers are supposed to recognize the multiples and was told that the cashier has to enter it in for each item.

While I'm glad I caught this mistake, I can't help but think of so many other people that may not. It seems kind of shady to me when they advertise these things but we have to count on the cashiers (who may or may not know) to enter everything in correctly. If you're like me, and always taking kids to the store, you know how difficult it is to make sure everything is done accurately.

So, please, check your receipts!! And, if you find you were wronged, take it back and they will gladly refund your money.
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