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Bread Store vs. Grocery Store

I don't usually make my own bread, but I don't like to pay a lot of money for it, either. One of my favorite stores to go to is the bread store. If you've never been to one, you are missing out! Their prices are significantly cheaper than at the grocery store, and I LOVE the clearance shelf - items that are about to hit their stale date and must sell! I usually visit the bread store once every 4-6 weeks and buy 6 loaves of bread at a time (they freeze well). On a recent shopping trip, I decided to price compare and this is what I found:

Hostess/Wonder Bread Store (400 S. 700 E.) Find other locations here.
English muffins - 2 for $2

Box of Mini Donuts - 2 for $3.89

Bagels - 2 for $3.89

Hamburger and Hotdog buns - 2 for $2.04

Sourdough bread - $1.89
Standish Farms Wheat Bread - 3 for $4.79

Natural Pride bread - $1.89

Grandma Emilie bread - 3 for $5.00

Homepride bread - 4 for $5.52

Clearance snack cakes - .25


English muffins - on sale 2 for $3.00, normally $2.99

Twinkies - $3.99
Bagels - on sale 2 for $4.00
Hamburger and Hotdog buns - $2.79

Grandma Emilie bread - 2 for $4.00

Home Pride bread - $3.29

Snack cakes (donettes) - $1.39

Fresh Market
Home Pride bread - $3.29

Hamburger/Hotdog Buns - $1.89
Nature's Pride bread - $3.49

Bagels - $3.79

Orowheat bread - $4.15

Earthgrains bread - $3.00

Twinkies - $3.99

Donuts - $3.99

Donettes (6 count) - $.99

Home Pride Bread - $3.29

Hamburger/Hotdog Buns - $2.89

Nature's Pride bread - $4.29

Bagels - $3.79

Orowheat English Muffins - $3.49

Grandma Emilie bread - $2.99

Wonder bread - $3.09

As you can see, the bread store is significantly cheaper! Granted, stores do have sales at times, but overall, the price is just so much better at a bread store. Also, the prices I have quoted do differ somewhat on the TYPE of bread. And, keep in mind, these are the NAME BRAND breads, not the cheapo store brand items.

Next month, I would like to try the Sara Lee bread store. I expect it will be similar to the Hostess store, just with a different variety. I will post my update on that store afterward. Stay tuned. . . :)


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