Tight Wad in Utah: MEAL PLAN week one -Challenge-

Monday, March 1, 2010

MEAL PLAN week one -Challenge-

I have a new challenge this week.  NO grocery shopping (with a $10 exception for milk etc).  It's time to clean out the fridge!!  Sometimes the refrigerator/freezer gets so full of this and that, a lot of it goes to waste because you don't know what you have.  My goal today is to figure out what needs to be eaten and design a meal plan around that.  Ill post what I come up with.

If you want to join in the challenge, leave a comment and let me know what your doing/making!
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plainoldsarah said...

great plan! tonight i'm making calzones using cottage cheese instead of ricotta. i know lynn would roll over in his grave if he were dead - so don't tell. i'm just too cheap and practical to care. plus i have it in the fridge - it was only a buck last week - seemed like a steal. oh, and instead of using spinach i'm using broccoli - leftover from my bountiful basket from a couple weeks ago.

Audrey said...

Nice!! Can you share your calzone recipe? ALSO I need your BBQ Pork & Rosemary potato recipe. We had it today and it was amazing!! AMAZING!

Sakura said...

My week's menu looks like this, and it's all done with no shopping:
Sunday: Roast, root veggies, salad
Monday: Chorizo/Beef Taco's, Cucumbers and chips/salsa
Tuesday: Chicken w/rice and veggies
Wednesday: Chile Verde/Tortilla salad
Thursday: Meatball/Pasta Bake w/Veggie and Salad
Friday: Freezer Pizza, homemade breadsticks, salad
Sunday: Smoked Turkey and Veggies

I'll check out my freezer and pantry again to see if I can keep going. My goal for March is to just buy Milk/Eggs/Fresh Produce and I'll try to keep it under $50 for the month! Wish Me Luck!

Audrey said...

Wow! I want all of those Let me know if you make it on only $50, that is so impressive!!