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Target :(

I went to Target today to unload some coupons and they gave me the HARDEST time!!!  First the cashier wouldn't take some of them because they were more than the price of the item.  She actually overcharged me for something else so I went to customer service and they said that they can adjust the price of the coupon (that's what I thought!)  So good right??  No.  They run the coupons through but the computer wouldn't take them so they denied me.  Even though it CLEARLY stated that I was using a correct coupon for the correct item.  One excuse they gave me was that the certain item wasn't pictured on the coupon.  And then for another item that actually was pictured....they just said, "sorry our computer won't take it".  So apparently they have some secret fine print that isn't printed anywhere that we have to adhere to.  Does anyone else have these problems with Target???  is it just me???  I may never go there again.  Smith's, Rite Aid and even Whole Foods have NEVER given me trouble.


smasek said…
check out this blog She goes to Target ALL the time and they don't give her any problems. She actually took one of her winners there last week to do a coupon shopping spree. I know she has older posts that talk about using coupons at Target. If not, she takes a lot of questions. Good luck!
Audrey said…
Which one does she go to? That's what I want to know. :) Is there a good one in Utah?
Kori said…
Which Target did you go to? I go to the one on Fort Union and they've always been good to me. I've even had those instances where I wasn't sure if they would take the coupons or not, but they always have. You should print out a copy of their coupon policy the next time you go in. Yes, they should price adjust, and no, it shouldn't matter if a picture is on the coupon or not!! What kind of a lame excuse is that??? Also, I always look for a cashier that looks nice. . . :)
Audrey said…
It was the Fort Union one. And I was at Customer Service with a manager. weird...what would they do if the computer wouldn't take it??? would they just put it in for you???
Kori said…
Yeah, the time I wasn't sure if they would take the coupon or not, the cashier scanned it and just set it aside. I asked him why the coupon wouldn't scan and he told me maybe it was because it didn't match up exactly. I showed him that it did match up and asked nicely if he could just try again, and he did and just overrode it. Guess I just caught someone on a good day cuz I know that not every cashier would have done that. However, it also made me realize to really watch them scanning my coupons since he just set it aside after it didn't work the first time. Guess they don't think you care or notice if it's $5 off. . .
Audrey said…
I would have been totally fine if they gave me a real reason. The coupons I had stated "ANY PRODUCT" so how could it not match up? And your right, you really do have to watch them. I end up going to customer service a I'll probably try another Target. But if I get the same treatment I may make the switch to Walmart. :);)
Sakura said…
I shop at the Centerville Target and I have had very few problems. Once they didn't take a monopoly coupon, but I didn't care. A friend of mine works in customer service at the Fort Union Target and he was telling me that they are getting hit a lot by coupon thieves(as he calls them) A group of women go in there and buy a bunch of stuff, including medicine with q's then return them the next day. Target refunds all mani q's used as cash. I'm wondering if you had someone help you out that's dealing with this problem. I assured him that the majority of us "couponers" were on the up and up! I told him about all the wonderful sites like this one that teaches us how to correctly use them. Come to Centerville, they are pretty good there.
Audrey said…
Coupon thieves?! Sheesh! Im thinking Centerville is the place for me :) Thanks for the tip!

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