Tight Wad in Utah: $25 Free Dollars :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

$25 Free Dollars :)

Its been 2 months and I'm now up to $25 in Amazon Gift cards, thanks to Swagbucks!  I did notice that the toolbar was messing up Safari.  I switched and put the toolbar on Firefox and now it all runs perfectly.  I now think its just as good as Google as a search engine.  Go here to sign up, it's free.  It's just a search engine that rewards you for using it.  I average 2-3 swagbucks a day and 45 equals a $5 Amazon gift card.  I may save mine up for the year and let it be our Christmas fund.  Also if you refer your friends you can earn them faster.

UPDATE:  There's a free Swag code here, just scroll down to the bottom to find it.  
Good till 6:30 cst.   Thanks Couponing to Disney!
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