Tight Wad in Utah: 20% Cash Back at H&R Block

Thursday, February 4, 2010

20% Cash Back at H&R Block

Shop At Home is offering 20% back if you use H&R Block Online.  
We did this last week and only got 17%.  The 20% cash back is only good for today, so if happen to have your taxes done you could save some money.

Click on link
Sign up (free site)
Then search for H&R Block (or whatever online site you want)
Click on Shop Now
Thats it.   Oh and you'll get a $5 bonus for signing up!

They send you a check quarterly once it reaches $20.  I've been signed up since December and I've made $36 just from my normal online purchases.  I LOVE this site! Note: This post may contain a sponsored/affiliate/referral link. Thank you for supporting this site!

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