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Showing posts from December 6, 2009

Cool Gift for $4.78!

UPDATE: Price up to $15.99 Go here to get this at Amazon for $4.78! Free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime .

Seinfeld Monopoly $4.99 shipped!

UPDATE: Price now back to $28.20 Go here to get Seinfeld Monopoly on sale at Amazon for 4.99! Also FREE shipping with Amazon Prime. Learn more about that here .

Modern Family

For anyone longing for a show that's actually funny, this is the show for you! And even better there is no laugh track. You can watch it here .

Whole Foods Coupons

Whole Foods now has coupons online. Go here to check them out. Thanks Organic Deals !

FREE Softcover Photo Book 187 left!!

Go here to get a free softcover photo book. They are giving away 500 and there are 187 left!! Go Go, Go! (18.49 value) You will have to pay shipping. $8.99 Thanks Hip 2 Save !

Litehouse Dressing $.95 or cheaper

At Smith's Litehouse dressing is on sale for $2 each. Selected ones also have a $.55 off sticker on them that you can use with above coupon. Scenario $4.00 for 2 -$.55 off coupon on bottle (get 2) -$1/2 get coupon here = $.95 each There is also a $1/1 coupon that was in the paper awhile back. If you happened to save that you could get one for $.45

Arm & Hammer at Rite Aid

At Rite Aid you can get 2 Arm & Hammer 6 oz. toothpastes for $4.79. Also go here to get a $1 off coupon and you'll pay 3.79. That's $1.89 each Enter your receipt here and it will count towards the Gift of Savings program as well.

The Animated Nativity for $5.50

For $5.50 you get The Animated Nativity and Jesus Returns. You also get 4 extra copies of the Nativity for friends and neighbors and they can call in to get a free copy of Jesus Returns. $5.50 includes tax and shipping. I know because I just saw the charge on my account. :) To order or get more info go here .

Amazon Gift Idea for $4.99!

UPDATE: Price now back to $24.24 Go here to get Crayola Undersea Adventures Color Stories for $4.99. If you sign up for Amazon Prime you'll also get 2 day free shipping. :)

$25 Gift Certificate for $2.50!

Go here and put in your zip code to find available restaurants. SHARE is the coupon code. Hit Apply and you'll get 80% off. I got a $25 gift certificate for Thai Siam for $2.50 !!!! Only catch is that you need a minimum purchase of $35. Still an amazing deal!! You then print out the certificate so no shipping and you could use it today if you wanted. NICE!

BOGO Soy Sauce

Go here and click on the coupon tab to get a coupon for soy sauce. It's buy one get one free. Make sure to print it twice so you can add to your food storage :) Thanks Freebies 4 Mom

Free Beechnut Starter Kit

Sign up here to get a free Beechnut Starter kit that includes a box of cereal and 2 jars of food. You'll also be signed up to get future coupons.

Muir Glen Tomato Paste Coupon

Go here to get a $1 off coupon for any Muir Glen product. If you get the tomato paste you'll pay .59 with the coupon. That was the price at Smiths, i'll watch for it to go on sale so we can possibly get it for free! If anyone see's it for less than 1.59 post a comment. Also make sure to print this one twice. :)

Wishbone Coupon and Dinner

Go here to get .75 off Wishbone salad dressing or spritzers. I like this one because you get it for under a dollar at most stores with the coupon. I also like to put the Italian dressing in a freezer bag with a pound of frozen chicken. When your ready to cook throw it in a crockpot on low for 5 to 6 hours and you got dinner and a great smelling house!

COUPONS and the women who love them.

Some of you have asked about the art of couponing so Ill just direct you to some helpful sites and tell you what I do. First of all you need Grocery Smarts . Its a website that tells you what is on sale at your local store and matches it up with current coupons so you get the most bang from your buck. Ads come out every Wednesday and the site is usually current by then. The passport for Utah is g84ckp. Once you use it bookmark the page so you don't have to enter it every time. update: Savvy Shopper Deals is another website like Grocery Smarts that doesn't require a passport. Another useful site is Pinching your Pennies . You can go to the Utah forum and find deals that are going on locally. I also like it because people post different deal scenarios. There are lots of ways to organize coupons. Im really not hardcore. But here is a site that will explain it and much much more. Its probably easier than what I do and takes less time but I haven't advanced yet.

Steel Cut Oatmeal $1 at Jamba

Go here to get oatmeal for a buck. I hear its good. Good thru 12/11. Thanks Common Sense with Money !

Photo Mug for $5 and free shipping!

TODAY ONLY you can get a mug for $5 and free shipping at Photoworks . I love this site! Its really easy to work with too. The code at checkout is 5DOLLARMUG

Curious George Christmas Song Download

Download a Curious George Christmas song here free with Amazon.

Redbox Code SNSV26

New code for a free rental. Only works on-site not for online reservations. You can also try: BREAKROOM DVDATWAG (works only at Walgreens) DVDONME GANTS9 Thanks Freebies 4 Mom

FREE Madeleine Choir Concert

December 21 and 22, 8:00 PM December 24, 4:00 PM To Obtain a Guaranteed Seating Pass If you are interested in obtaining complimentary guaranteed seating passes, call the concert information line at 801.994.4663 . Leave your name, the spelling of your last name, the number of passes you need (limit of four), the date of the concert you would like to attend, and a phone number where you can be reached to confirm your request. If you qualify for a reserved seating pass, you can call the concert line as detailed above (please specify that you are requesting a reserved seating pass) or you can pick up your reserved seating pass in the Advancement Office in Erbin Hall on the campus of The Madeleine Choir School. You may pick up your seating passes the evening of the performance at Will Call in the vestibule next to the elevator. Passes cannot be mailed. Passes are no longer available via email or fax; please use our concert information line. Address: 205 First Avenue

FREE 20 pack of Batteries at Staples

Buy a 20 pack for 12.99 and get a rebate for 12.99 from the Staples Rewards Program. The money gets credited to your Staples account in January. Details are here .

Spending more than $150.00 on Christmas??

If you are, then go to Rite Aid and buy three $50 American Express Gift cards and get $10 off using a coupon that is in their weekly ad (4th page). You get the ad in the mail or they are at the front of the store. Example: If you want to buy a 8GB Apple Nano (I do), It is 149.99 at Shopko plus you get a $15 Itunes gift card. And then using the Amex cards you would get another $10 off. Nano's are also on sale for 139.99 at Smith's Marketplace. But of course since they take Amex everywhere you can save $10 on anything.