Tight Wad in Utah: Im in love with e.l.f. !

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Im in love with e.l.f. !

I just got my order! I didn't post about this when I bought it because it seemed like one of those "too good to be true" deals. But I've tried them now and its fantastic!!!
Anyway I got all this for $15.00 ($2 of it was shipping)
Most items are $1 (which is why I was skeptical.) But for once I don't look tired!!! :):)

You can get FREE shipping until tomorrow 12/31 with code ELFCMO if you have atleast $15 in your cart. I may get more :) Shipping is normally $6.95.
Or you can get $2 shipping on any order with code TOOSHP.

Also if you spend $25 you can get Vogue Magazine free for 1 year.

AND you can get 7% cash back plus a $5 bonus (if your new), when you go through Shop at Home!
So be sure to click there first, sign up, and then go to e.l.f.

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Cher said...

I love their brushes and tweezers. I have been buying their makeup for 3 years now. I just ordered over $15 worth and recived a free mini kit...use coupon code: LOYAL
(the special is for any $ amount..thats just what I got)

Audrey said...

Could you still get free shipping? Or do they only allow one code??

Thankfully Thrifty said...

I know aren't they great?! Kroger recently started carrying ELF too. But if you order online, there are usually some other great deals. I'm skeptical of their eye shadows, but I do love their nail polish, brushes, and clear brow mascara! $1 nail polishes are such a bargain!

Thankfully Thrifty said...

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up! :)