Tight Wad in Utah: $200 a Month Challenge for 2010

Saturday, December 26, 2009

$200 a Month Challenge for 2010

I've debated for awhile about doing this but I think I'm going to try. Starting January I will try to only spend an average of $50 a week on groceries and toiletries.
I didn't think I could do this before with 2 kids in diapers, but with all these deals I've been finding lately I think its possible. And if you never try then you'll never know right??

Also included will be the continuation of building and using our food storage.

I will blog about my shopping trips, where I go, and how much I spend. I will also include menu plans and recipes.

If your interested in finding out how I do or want to do the challenge with me then follow me or subscribe to this blog.

Im starting the month 12/28 which makes this month 5 weeks (about $40 a week) but with all the rebates Im expecting this month I think I can do it......Wish me luck!
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